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How To Enroll At VLACS

At VLACS, our goal is to get you learning as quickly as possible. Once you’ve reviewed our Learning Catalog and identified the offerings you are most interested in, it’s time to begin enrollment! To get started, follow our simple three-step enrollment process.

STEP 1: Create account

VLACS enrollment page virtual school

STEP 2: Request competencies

  • Once you’ve signed into your student account, click on the Enroll Now link in the left-hand column:Enroll Now
  • Choose either Middle School, High School, Advanced/Honors/AP, Teams, or College:VLACS dashboard 1
  • Click on a subject and then find the competency group you’re interested in. Competency groups are grouped by course names to make it easier to find your competencies: VLACS dashboard 2
  • Select the desired competency/competencies and add them to your Backpack. If you want all of the competencies in a .5 credit segment, select the appropriate segment or both segments for a full credit: VLACS dashboard 3
  • Choose your learning path for the competencies selected and then submit your request when you are finished. When a competency is requested, an email prompt will be sent to the parent/guardian to approve student competency selection(s). VLACS dashboard 4


STEP 3: Approval!

  • Once the parent/guardian approves the competencies, you will be officially assigned to your learning path(s).
  • You will receive a welcome email from an instructor within five days, given that space is available.
  • An instructor will schedule a welcome phone call with parents/guardians and students.
  • Once your welcome call is completed… You are officially enrolled—Congratulations!

To download a copy of our enrollment instructions, click here.

Important note: If you are interested in registering as a full-time VLACS student, in addition to the steps above, you will also need to complete VLACS’ full-time student application. Please visit our full-time student admissions page for more details.


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What do I need to do to become a full-time student with VLACS?

The admissions process at VLACS is intended to help support students as they transition to online learning full-time. Prospective students will follow the steps below as part of the admissions process:

  1. Complete the Application
  2. Attend an Information Session
  3. Participate in an Admission Plan Review Meeting
  4. Meet Admission Plan goals, which involves completion of online coursework including one or more core academic courses

The first step in the admissions process is to complete the application and Admissions Plan Supplement (included in the application). After VLACS receives your application, the office will contact you via email to schedule an online Information Session. After you attend an Information Session, you will receive a link to schedule an Admissions Plan Review Meeting. During this meeting you will discuss your course completion goals, course selection, and course requirements, as well as develop a timeline for acceptance to the full-time program. The last step in the admissions process is to meet the goals outlined in your Admissions Plan, which involves the completion of online coursework. Once you meet these goals, you will be accepted to our full-time program.

How long does it take to become a full-time student?

It typically takes students 8 -16 weeks to complete their admission plan and gain acceptance. However, the amount of time it takes for a student to be accepted to the full-time program is based on the personalized plan he/she creates with the admissions counselor during the application process and will vary with each student.

How can I check the status of my course request?

Log into your account as often as you wish, using your username and password. Once you are placed in your desired course, you will be contacted by your instructor.

Can I work at my own pace?

Students may opt to work at an accelerated, traditional or extended pace, however, regular work submission and communication is required in all VLACS courses in accordance with the student’s pace chart.

How do I select an honors course?

If you choose to meet competencies through projects, teams, experiences or a combination of these and course work, you will not have the option to earn honors or advanced designation. However, learning through projects, teams or experiences provide students with the opportunity for more authentic, student driven, and in depth learning.

Do I have to wait for school to begin to take an online class?

VLACS has on-going registration. You may enroll in at any time throughout the year.  Please check our learning catalog to see if there are waiting lists for the course, project, experience or team project that  in which you are interested.

What is the tuition rate for national students?

Tuition & Fees: NH Residents

If you’re a resident of New Hampshire, you can enroll full-time or part-time free of charge.

Tuition & Fees: Out of State

There is a tuition fee for non-resident students who wish to enroll at VLACS. The Virtual Learning Academy must give preference to New Hampshire students. We will place non-residents in classes if space is available. Non-residents will be charged a non-refundable registration fee of $20. Tuition is $979 for a full credit and $489 for a half credit.


What are the graduation requirements?

Art Education; 0.5 credit, ICT – Technology; 0.5 credit, English; 4.0 credits, Mathematics; 3.0 credits (1 credit of Algebra, 0.5 Geometry), Physical Science; 1.0 credit, Biological Science; 1.0 credit, US and NH History; 1.0 credit, US and NH Government; 0.5 credit, Economics; 0.5 credit, World History; 0.5 credit, Health Education; 0.5 credit, Physical Education; 1.0 credit, Advisory (credit varies), Electives; 5.0 credits, Experience, College or AP; 1.0 credit, TOTAL: 22 credits.

All VLACS full time students are required to complete community service each year.

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