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High School Online Course of the Month Teaches Students to Improve Health

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High School Online Course of the Month: Fitness Lifestyle Design

Students enrolled in high school online have many unique course options right at their fingertips-and this is what makes Virtual Learning Academy so special. As such, each month, VLACS highlights a high school online course or program in an effort to shine a big spotlight on the many educational opportunities we offer as part of a comprehensive course catalog.

Today, we showcase our Fitness Lifestyle Design course, aimed to educate online high school students about all facets of healthy living choices. 

About Fitness Lifestyle Design: 

For many, the path to fitness is born by necessity. Healthy habits often take months to stick, and learning a new skill set is a challenge. How much sleep do you need? How many calories should you eat in one day? What are the best stress-reduction techniques? There’s so much information out there and so much to learn. But imagine much more successful would you be if you learned these things in a structured, hands-on environment like the experience of going to high school online.

Students enrolled in this particular course learn how to measure fitness levels and set appropriate goals. Here are just a few ways a student going to high school online with VLACS will learn to improve their health and well-being.

  • They learn how to calculate their heart rates and the difference between working and resting heart rates. Fitness requires equal aptitude in flexibility, cardiorespiratory ability, and muscular endurance/strength. Recording weekly workouts show students their progress and teach them to adjust their goals accordingly.
  • Counting calories, serving sizes, and the importance of nutrients are also emphasized. Students learn how to critically evaluate nutritional claims and assess food labels with a discerning eye. The program also covers the federal MyPlate nutritional recommendations and teaches students how to plan healthy, nutritious meals.
  • Fitness Lifestyle Design focuses on the “big picture” of health, including the importance of sleep, stress management, and exercise. The course teaches students how to modify workout programs, pace themselves and understand the benefits of regular physical activity. Students also learn how to analyze fitness centers and when they should hire personal trainers.
  • Managing risk is a crucial component of health. Students scrutinize their own medical histories as well as those of their parents to determine possible risks. Understanding familial health history is a key element to staying healthy.
  • When students transition into the corporate world, health often falls by the wayside. Fitness Lifestyle Design educates students about corporate wellness programs and integrating healthy habits into any stage of life.
  • Participation in team sports and group activities isn’t limited to elementary school. Students learn about the benefits of engaging in sports and team play, whether it’s an intramural sport or a workplace league.

Fitness Lifestyle Design teaches students how to live a healthy lifestyle and provides the tools for success-at any age.

As one of the premier virtual learning opportunities in the country, VLACS offers many exciting enrollment opportunities for both part-time and full-time students. Attend an open house today!