reading a paperback bookPart-Time Student Enrollment Process

Our part-time students can choose from more than 200 competency group offerings (a.k.a. courses) that feature flexible course completion timelines supported by anytime, anyplace, anywhere, and any pace competency-based learning.

Part-time students can complete the work at their own pace; however, regular work submission and communication is required in all our courses in accordance with the student’s pace chart.

The timeline for course completion will be flexible to meet the needs of all students. Typically, students will complete a one-credit competency group (course, project, etc.) in about 36 weeks or complete a half-credit in 18 weeks. Students can opt to accelerate their pace or request additional time.

Admission Process

If you would like to be a part-time student, there is no application process. You can enroll today. See our Enrollment page to learn more and get started.

Part-Time Requirements

Part-time students can be active in no more than the equivalent of six courses or learning journey activities at one time and may not earn more than six credits between July 1 and June 30 of any year.

We recommend that part-time students meet with their local school’s guidance counselor to ensure the selected courses will meet their school’s graduation requirements.