How to Enroll

Our goal is to get you learning as quickly as possible. Once you have reviewed our learning catalog and identified the offerings that interest you most, it’s time to enroll!

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Full-time and part-time elementary, middle, and high school programs.

Adult Education

Earn a high school diploma, prepare for college, or learn for a lifetime.

Enrollment Type

To enroll in one or more courses, follow this simple three-step process.
If you already have an account, sign in here.

Create account

1. Create an Account

You must create a student account, or log into your existing account before you choose your course(s).

Please note that our systems require students and parents to have different email addresses.

2. Request Courses

Sign in to your student account and click Academic Info > Request a course. Filter your search to find the competencies you are interested in and select “+” to submit the request.

3. Get Approved

A Parent/Guardian will receive an email with information about creating an account to approve their child(ren)’s course requests.

What Happens Next?

After your guardian approves your course request(s), you will be assigned to an instructor within five business days. You will receive an email from your instructor with information on scheduling your welcome call with them. Enrollment is official once that call is complete.

Need some help? Let us walk you through the process.

If you want to register full-time at VLACS, follow the steps below to get started. Our admissions staff will work with you to complete the full-time application requirements and make sure you understand all the opportunities available at VLACS.

1. Create Your Accounts

You and a parent will each need to create accounts. Use the link below and select Account Creation and then choose New Student.

Please note that our system requires students and parents to have different email addresses.

2. Choose Courses

Sign in to your student account and click Academic Info > Request a course. Filter your search to find the courses you are interested in and select “+” to submit the request. To be considered for full-time registration, you will need to enroll in three courses.

3. Complete the Full-Time Application

The application is non-competitive. After you have completed the application, VLACS will contact you to complete the rest of the full-time registration process. Please note that you will not be officially registered until the process outlined below is completed.

What Happens Next?

After you create an account, choose your courses, and complete the full-time student application, you are not yet officially registered. VLACS will contact you to help complete the rest of the process.

  • VLACS will request your transcripts from your previous school. We will reach out if there are any issues.
  • We will contact you and your parent(s) to schedule a Student and Guardian Information Session.
  • We will contact you and your parent(s) to schedule a meeting with an Admissions Counselor.
  • You must work consistently in your enrolled courses for four consecutive weeks.
  • We will provide the “Understanding of Full-Time Registration Agreement,” the Full-Time Registration Paperwork, and the Credit Checklist for you and your parent(s) to complete.
  • Welcome to the Full-Time K-12 Program!

Need some help? Let us walk you through the process.

Enrollment Type

Our rolling enrollment allows you to register when you want and start learning right away. If you want to earn a high school diploma, you will need to complete the application process detailed in the diploma program tab.

Create account

1. Choose Course(s)

Browse the Learning Catalog to determine which course(s) you want to take.

2. Register

Click the yellow “ENROLL NOW” button in the course description.

*You must enroll in each course individually using the unique link in the course description. This link is different from the yellow “Enroll” button found in the navigation menu.

3. Pay Your Tuition

If you have a VLACS EduFrame account, sign in. If you do not, enter your information to create one. Then, pay your tuition to start learning.

*Financial assistance is available to adult education students. Please contact us for more information.

Need some help? Let us walk you through the process..

Apply to Earn Your High School Diploma

Adult learners who wish to graduate high school with a diploma from VLACS must complete the following steps.

1. Apply Online & Pay Application Fee

Complete the online Adult Education Diploma Program Application. Then, pay the $50 application fee online.

2. Request Your Transcripts

Contact all previous institutions that you have attended and request that transcripts be mailed directly to the VLACS office:

Adult Education
Virtual Learning Academy Charter School
P.O. Box 1050
Exeter, NH 03833

To have VLACS request your transcript on your behalf, complete our transcript request form.

3. Schedule Your Admissions Meeting

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions to schedule an Admissions Meeting. During this online meeting with your Program Specialist, you will review your Diploma Plan, discuss pacing and course completion goals, and enroll in your first course or project.

Need some help? Let us walk you through the process..


Paying for VLACS

VLACS is free to New Hampshire residents in grades K-12, and available for tuition to all others. We are proud to serve students from New Hampshire and around the world.

Follow Your Passions
and Learn Your Way

VLACS understands that different students learn best in different ways. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to learn and a catalog of hundreds of courses to appeal to just about any goal or interest.

Real people. Real stories.

VLACS has given our family the freedom to travel around the world, learn and explore beyond the limitations of a traditional classroom and strengthen our family unit.

Karine Bialy
Elementary Parent

The instructor is almost like having a personal tutor instead of having a classroom teacher, and they really have taken the time to form a personal relationship

Robin Anderson
Former Parent

VLACS has given me the boost of confidence to better my life, as well as a chance to say “I did it!”

Kayla Nolin
Adult Education Diploma Student

[VLACS] has been an invaluable resource for us to be able to provide an alternative for our students should they need a core course that may be full or unavailable due to scheduling. Our students can also take advantage of a wide variety of elective courses that we are not able to offer here.

Paul Silva
NH Educator & VLACS School Partner

My experience with VLACS has been exceptional. I have been able to complete coursework at my own pace, and I can choose which courses interest me. My instructors encourage me to do my best, while providing support along the way.

Camper Dales
Full-Time High School Student

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