Summer Enrichment Experiences

Are you looking for a summer club or workshop? Sign up for an Enrichment Experience! This six-week offering allows you to earn extra credit this summer while learning about exciting topics. Each week, you'll complete activities related to the experience, then you'll meet as a class for collaborative discussions.

Foundational Math

If your K-2 student would benefit from additional support in math, our Foundational Math course will provide the extra practice they need to develop essential math skills. Through weekly meetings your student will receive targeted mini-lessons on specific math skills, with independent practice assignments in between.

Foundational Reading

If your K-2 student needs additional support in reading, our Foundational Reading course will meet them where they are developmentally, and take them to where they need to be. Students will practice specific reading skills through mini-lessons during weekly meetings, and continue to strengthen these skills independently.

Marine Science

Dive deep into Earth’s bodies of water and study geologic structures and how they impact the oceans with Marine Science! Choose to take this offering through the traditional course, real-world project, or hands-on experience.

Digital Photography Project 1 & 2

Become a Real Estate Agent, Journalist, Art Director, and Advertising Manager, tasked with taking photos for different projects and take your photography skills to the next level!

Attend An
Open House

Explore the possibilities at VLACS during an open house! Our staff will walk you through the program, while answering any of your questions along the way. Find out what makes VLACS different from other programs and register for a live webinar today!

Full-Time Enrollment?

Discover the benefits of making VLACS your official school during an open house webinar! We'll discuss the admissions process, graduation requirements, student expectations, and more!

Physical Wellness 2

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate the health and wellness benefits of fitness into your career? Through these projects, you will get to learn about training principles, injury prevention, and the health benefits of movement all while trying on a few “hats” within the physical wellness world.

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