High School

SAT Preparation

.25 Credits
9 weeks
Teenage girl taking notes while sitting in the classroom with her classmates.

Using Khan Academy, you will focus on the skills needed to prepare yourself for all sections of the SAT exam including Math, Reading and Writing, and Essay. You will answer a variety of practice questions using specific tips and strategies to improve your performance. You will also spend time reflecting on your practice and the strategies you used, which will help you understand the concepts and skills needed for success on the SAT.

Major Topics and Concepts

Algebra practice

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Additional math topics

Reading practice

Writing and language practice

Grammar and effective language usage

Essay writing practice

Practice exams



SAT Math

Students will demonstrate an understanding of SAT math concepts and skills by demonstrating problem-solving skills in algebra, advanced algebra, data analysis, geometry, and trigonometry.

SAT Reading and Writing

Students will demonstrate an understanding of SAT reading and writing concepts and skills by analyzing the structure and purpose of text passages, revising a variety of passages, and critiquing the proper use of grammar throughout text passages.

SAT Essay

Students will demonstrate an understanding of SAT skills and concepts of writing an essay in response to reading a text by using and applying skills in reading, writing and analysis.

SAT Practice Test

Students will demonstrate an understanding of SAT test taking techniques by taking a practice SAT exam, using test taking techniques, and discussing test taking techniques that improve test performance.