High School

Personal Financial Literacy Projects


How do our personal financial habits affect our financial future? How can we make smart decisions with our money in the areas of saving, spending, and investing? This course introduces students to basic financial habits such as setting financial goals, budgeting and creating financial plans. Students will learn more about topics such as taxation, financial institutions, credit, and money management. The course also addresses how occupations and educational choices can influence personal financial planning, and how individuals can protect themselves from identity theft.


Factors Influencing Career Choices

You work as an employment compensation specialist for a major corporation. It is your job to understand all the pros and cons that a new hire must examine when considering a job offer.

The Time to Spend and Save

You work as a personal money coach for a family support service offered free to residents of your state. To help your clients better understand factors that influence their financial success and to provide a quick reference resource, you have decided to create a virtual resource that will provide the most commonly influential aspects of information on how to manage money successfully.

The Use of Credit

You work as the head loan officer for your local credit union (or bank). You have been asked to train new loan officers. These new loan officers will need to understand credit and how to manage debt.

Managing Risk

You are a financial risk specialist consultant for a start-up company. Your task as the consultant is to identify ways the company can grow its money.