Middle School

Middle School Studio Art

0.5 Credits
18 weeks
Young woman relaxing with anti-stress coloring book

Projects allow students to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and skills by completing a job-related task. The assignment might be to create a mural, a package design, a speech, a film review, or a movie set – you name it! These creative projects are about applying your learning acquired through in-depth research to real-world career tasks.

Each competency will be addressed through a project that is based on a real-life career task. Here are the careers you will explore: Fine Artist, X-Ray Technician, Botanist, and Craft Artist.




Students will demonstrate an understanding of shapes by explaining the use of value and proportion, drawing two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, and creating a mural of shapes.

Color Theory

Students will demonstrate an understanding of color theory by describing the color wheel and complementary colors, explaining the use of positive and negative space, and creating an original piece using color and accurate proportions.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of watercolor by describing the characteristics of watercolor, explaining the purpose of pattern and emphasis in art, and creating a piece of artwork using watercolor and ink.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of sculpture by describing organic and geometric forms, explaining the use of texture, balance, and unity in a sculpture, and creating a sculpture using recycled materials.