Middle School

Middle School Exploring Interests and Careers

0.5 Credits
18 weeks

Explore your interests and how they can connect to potential career paths in “MS Exploring Interests and Careers!” This dynamic, self-paced course is tailored for middle school students eager to connect their passions with future possibilities. Through four comprehensive units, you will identify your strengths, interact with career professionals, and learn about the world of work.

During this course, you will learn career-related skills and earn a badge for this accomplishment. A badge is a digital certification of your career-related learning that you can share on social media or with higher education platforms, colleges, potential employers, peers, and colleagues. Select this link to learn more about badges.

Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: Interest and Career Matching

  • Explain your personal interests and summarize essential workplace skills.
  • Discover jobs and careers that align with your interests.
  • Lay the foundation for informed career choices.

Unit 2: Making Career Connections

  • Explore the education and skills required for careers that interest you.
  • Connect with career professionals and summarize insights from these interactions.
  • Bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world career experiences.

Unit 3: Career Exploration

  • Understand the purpose and importance of informational meetings in career exploration.
  • Learn how to prepare for these meetings and gather valuable information.
  • Enhance your understanding of various professions and career paths.

Unit 4: Personal Career Choice

  • Describe a specific profession of your choice in detail.
  • Explain the development and progression within the field.
  • Reflect on career fulfillment and articulate your career goals.


Career Exploration

Students will demonstrate an understanding of career exploration by explaining the purpose of an informational meeting, describing the preparation for an informational meeting, and summarizing information gathered from an informational meeting.

Identifying Interests and Career Matches

Students will demonstrate an understanding of interest and career matching by explaining their personal interests, summarizing workplace skills, and describing jobs and careers that match their interests.

Making Career Connections

Students will demonstrate an understanding of making career connections by describing education and training related to careers of interest and summarizing discoveries made after meeting a career professional.

Personal Career Choice

Students will demonstrate an understanding of personal career choice by describing a specific profession, explaining development in the profession, and describing career fulfillment.