High School

PE Lifetime and Leisure Sports

0.5 Credits
18 weeks

This course provides students with an overview of dual and individual sports. Students learn about a variety of sports and do an in-depth study of martial arts, Pilates, fencing, gymnastics, and water sports. Students learn not only the history, rules, and guidelines of each sport but also practice specific skills related to many of these sports. Students also learn the components of fitness, the benefits of fitness, safety and technique, and good nutrition. Students conduct fitness assessments, set goals, and participate in weekly physical activity.



Major Topics and Concepts

Segment 1:

  • Getting Started
    • Fitness Assessment & Analysis
    • Getting Started
    • Safety
  • Fitness
    • Components of Fitness
    • Team Player
    • Nutrition
  • Combative Sports
    • Martial Arts
    • Unarmed Martial Arts
    • Armed Martial Arts
  • Gymnastics & Pilates
    • Gymnastics
    • Gymnastic Skills
    • Pilates
  • Water Sports
    • Water Safety
    • Water Skills
  • Staying Active



Leisure Sports Assessments and Analysis

Students will demonstrate an understanding of leisure sports assessments and analysis by summarizing elements of leisure sports fitness assessments, explaining leisure sports training plans, and explaining exercise safety.

Leisure Sports Fitness

Students will demonstrate an understanding of leisure sports fitness by explaining the components of fitness, describing sportsmanship in leisure sports, and explaining the importance of nutrition in leisure sports.

Combative Sports

Students will demonstrate an understanding of combative sports by describing martial arts, explaining unarmed martial arts, and explaining armed martial arts.

Gymnastics and Pilates

Students will demonstrate an understanding of gymnastics and pilates by describing gymnastic events, describing gymnastic skills, and explaining the techniques and benefits.

Water Sports

Students will demonstrate an understanding of water sports by explaining water sport safety and describing water sport skills.