High School

Digital Design 1b

0.5 Credits
18 weeks

Are you ready to dig deeper and discover more about the world of digital design? In this course, you will continue building the foundational skills necessary to become a successful graphic designer. You will learn and apply effective communication and people skills, explore and implement the design process, create images, properly use equipment, and evaluate and market your own designs. By the end of the course, you’ll better be able to decide if a career in digital design is for you… and if the answer is yes, you’ll be well on your way to designing a bright future!

During this course, you will learn career-related skills and earn a badge for this accomplishment. A badge is a digital certification of your career-related learning that you can share on social media or with higher education platforms, colleges, potential employers, peers, and colleagues. Select this link to learn more about badges.

Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: Effective Communication Skills

  1. Define and practice the stages of active listening
  2. Describe the mindset necessary to be an effective oral communicator
  3. Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to business communications

Unit 2: The Design Process

  1. Describe how project management skills are employed in the planning stage of a design project
  2. Apply appropriate production practices based on the output of a design project
  3. Demonstrate evaluation skills during the post-production phase of a design project

Unit 3: Using Images

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic image file formats and how to use them in graphic design
  2. Explain the ethical and legal issues related to the use of intellectual property
  3. Describe how to import, revise, and incorporate digital images into a graphic design and then export them in an appropriate format for distribution

Unit 4: Creating Images

  1. Design and conduct a photoshoot to create raster images and edit them using graphics software
  2. Use vector-based software to design, create, and revise simple illustrations
  3. Explain the basic uses of animation in graphic design and create simple animation files

Unit 5: Effective People Skills

  1. Understand the importance of public relations in the graphic design business, including effective crisis management
  2. Explain the necessity of team-building and conflict-management skills in the graphic design workplace
  3. Describe and practice mentoring and leadership skills

Unit 6: Using Equipment Effectively

  1. Understand key ergonomic principles for working on a computer, including how to achieve neutral posture
  2. Properly care for and use computer and electronic equipment
  3. Troubleshoot and maintain your computer and electronic equipment

Unit 7: Creating a Safe Environment

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of cyber safety and ethical online practices
  2. Describe and apply appropriate workplace safety practices
  3. Identify procedures to be followed in emergency situations

Unit 8: Marketing and Presenting Your Graphic Design Work

  1. Analyze how to best use social media for marketing your personal brand
  2. Create a design portfolio
  3. Deliver effective presentations of your work

Course Materials

  • Audio recording device
  • Digital camera
  • Paper and pens
  • Word processing software
  • Presentation software
  • Website building and hosting platform
  • Vector-based editing software
  • Raster-based editing software
  • Video recording device


Effective Communication

Students will demonstrate an understanding of effective communication by describing active listening skills, explaining effective conversation skills, and evaluating critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Design Process

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the design process by explaining the pre-production, production, and post-production phases of a design project.

Using Images in Design

Students will demonstrate an understanding of using images in design by describing image file types, explaining how to use images ethically, and summarizing techniques for incorporating found images in a design project.

Creating Images

Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to create images by creating raster and vector images and explaining animation.

Effective People Skills

Students will demonstrate an understanding of effective people skills by describing public relations and explaining team-building and leadership skills.

Using Equipment Effectively

Students will demonstrate an understanding of using equipment effectively by explaining ergonomics as well as graphic design equipment use and care.

Creating a Safe Environment

Students will demonstrate an understanding of creating a safe environment by describing cybersecurity and digital ethics and explaining workplace safety practices as well as emergency procedures.

Marketing Digital Designs

Students will demonstrate an understanding of marketing digital designs by explaining marketing strategies, creating a digital design portfolio, and critiquing marketing presentations.