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Estimated Completion Time

1 segment/ 18 weeks


Building on the Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance 1a course, you will expand your knowledge of the basics to explore advanced topics, such as marketing strategy, banking, and investments. Finally, examine employability skills and careers in business, finance, and marketing as well as various entrepreneurship opportunities.

Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: Marketing

  • Illustrate the function of marketing
  • Discuss the importance of marketing in the global economy
  • Demonstrate the relationships between marketing and other elements of business
  • Explain the meaning and significance of the marketing concept

Unit 2: Market Segmentation

  • Recognize elements of marketing
  • Identify and analyze target markets
  • Differentiate between targeted and mass marketing
  • Compare methods of defining target markets

Unit 3: The Marketing Mix

  • Create an effective marketing mix
  • Identify effective marketing strategies
  • Discuss the 4Ps of marketing and their components
  • Differentiate between marketing goods and services

Unit 4: Principles of Money

  • Identify types of currency
  • Evaluate forms of financial exchange
  • Discuss the importance of credit
  • Identify appropriate circumstances for using credit
  • Recognize the legal obligations associated with financial exchange

Unit 5: Basic Financial Management

  • Explain income
  • Interpret a pay stub
  • Prepare a basic tax return
  • Compare different banking services
  • Develop a personal budget

Unit 6: Business Finance

  • Explain the role of finance in business
  • Articulate the concept of accounting
  • Analyze balance sheets and income statements
  • Differentiate among types of investments
  • Determine how to find the right financial advisor

Unit 7: Basics of Finance

  • Recognize and demonstrate professional behavior
  • Articulate and follow company policies
  • Collaborate effectively to accomplish a task
  • Demonstrate time management skills

Unit 8: Business Careers

  • Explore the skills and experiences that benefit entrepreneurship
  • Evaluate different jobs is business, finance, and marketing
  • Assess personal job skills
  • Develop a career plan
  • Set SMART goals

Credits .5


  • Fundamentals of Marketing
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of marketing and market segmentation by explaining the functions of marketing, assessing the customers role, and explaining market identification.
  • Marketing Mix
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the marketing mix by differentiating between goods and services and explaining the 4P’s of marketing.
  • Financial Management
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of financial management by explaining the principles of money, analyzing income, and creating a budget.
  • Business Finance
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of business finance by explaining the goals of financial planning, describing accounting principles, examining business budget options, and comparing investment options.
  • Business Skills and Careers
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of business careers and employment skills by describing professional behaviors, explaining time management criteria, assessing job skills, and evaluating a career path.


Principles of Business, Marketing, Finance 1a

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