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Estimated Completion Time

1 segment/18 weeks


This course takes students through a comprehensive study of nutritional principles and guidelines. Students will learn about world-wide views of nutrition, nutrient requirements, physiological processes, food labeling, healthy weight management, diet related diseases, food handling, nutrition for different populations, and more. Students will gain important knowledge and skills to aid them in attaining and maintaining a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: Nutrition Basics

  • 1.1 Nutrition & Health
  • 1.2 Diet & Digestion

Unit 2: Energy Nutrients

  • 2.1 Carbohydrates
  • 2.2 Protein
  • 2.3 Fats

Unit 3: Non-Energy Nutrients

  • 3.1 Water & Vitamins
  • 3.2 Minerals & Supplements

Unit 4: Energy Balance

  • 4.1 Weight Management
  • 4.2 Healthy Choices
  • 4.3 Nutrition & Fitness

Unit 5: Disorders & Diseases

  • 5.1 Eating Disorders, Allergies, & Alcohol
  • 5.2 Nutrition Related Diseases

Unit 6: Consumer Nutrition

  • 6.1 Consumer Nutrition
  • 6.2 Food Preparation

Unit 7: Nutrition for Life

  • 7.1 Nutrition Across a Lifespan

Credits .5

Competency Group Overview

Meets elective credit


  • Food and Nutrition Knowledge
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the dietary guidelines and nutrition by identifying the nutrient groups, describing their function, and analyzing the impact of nutrients on overall health.
  • Nutrition Fitness Modules
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the factors impacting health choices and health outcomes by identifying and evaluating influences on food choices and physical activity throughout one’s lifespan.
  • Disease and Disorders
    Students will demonstrate the ability to develop nutrition strategies and an understanding of health-enhancing practices that reduce risk and promote health throughout one’s lifespan by examining the impact of disease and disorders.
  • Consumer Nutrition
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of informed nutritional decision making by distinguishing between valid and invalid health information and evaluating accurate nutritional information to enhance health throughout an individual’s lifespan.



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