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Estimated Completion Time

18 Weeks


Building upon the prior prerequisite course, students will embark on their journey to becoming managers in the hotel and restaurant industry by gaining knowledge and developing a variety of skills. Students will learn of different management styles, laws, and regulations that govern hotels and restaurants as well as how to develop job descriptions and business plans. In addition, students will learn how to create menus, advertise vacancies, perform interviews, and understand the financials of the hotel or restaurant.

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Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: Management Skills

1. Discover different management styles

2. Describe what it means to be a leader

3. Discuss the importance of fostering teamwork

4. Understand the importance of communication

Unit 2: Hiring, Managing and Retaining Talent

1. Formulate a strategy to advertise open positions

2. Create job descriptions for each position in your company

3. Recruit and interview to fill any position

4. Train employees to be lasting members of your team

Unit 3: Diving into the Details

1. Know what a business plan is, and what you should include in yours

2. See how the different departments that make up your hotel all weave together

3. Understand some of the financial tasks you’ll take on when running a hospitality business

4. Discover laws and regulations that affect the hotel industry

Unit 4: Marketing Madness

1. Understand competition in the hospitality industry

2. Discover marketing tools to enhance your business

3. Fine tune your sales strategies and skills

4. Find ways to continually grow in the hospitality industry

Unit 5: Restaurant Operations

1. Explore the different types of restaurant establishments

2. Prepare a menu for your restaurant

3. Understand the positions involved in the restaurant business

4. Be financially conscious of your hotel restaurant

Credits .5


  • Management Skills
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of management skills by identifying and explaining various management styles and leadership skills necessary to foster teamwork and communication in a business setting.
  • Human Resources
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of human resource skills needed to hire, recruit and train employees by examining job descriptions, advertisements and elements of successful interviews as well as key components of training programs.
  • Business Plans
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of components of a business plan by examining the financial considerations and laws/regulations necessary to effectively manage a hotel operation.
  • Restaurant Operation
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of what it takes to run a restaurant by examining how to plan menus, the various roles within a restaurant, and the financial considerations needed to operate a successful restaurant.
  • Marketing
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of marketing strategies helpful to run and grow a restaurant by examining marketing practices within the restaurant industry, sales concepts as they relate to the food industry, and how to be market competitively in the restaurant industry.



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