Entrepreneurship 1 - VLACS
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Estimated Completion Time

18 weeks


Welcome to the first phase of the Value Launch System! This course focuses on helping you develop a value creation mindset. You’ll gain tools to identify new business opportunities and develop problem-solving solutions that customers want to buy. By the end of this course, you will have a list of business ideas and select the best one to begin developing.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Introduction to Discover (course)
  • Understanding Entrepreneurship
  • Value Plans
  • Nigel’s Law
  • Understanding the Spine
  • Understanding Competition
  • Understanding Feasibility
  • Introduction to Idea Generation
  • Introduction to Improvement Ideas
  • Introduction to Borrowed Ideas
  • Introduction to Breakthrough Ideas
  • Starting with the Solution
  • Starting with the Customer
  • Starting with the Experience
  • Choosing Ideas
  • Considering the Market
  • Sizing Up the Competition
  • Assessing Feasibility
  • Finding a Good Personal Fit
  • Scoring, Ranking, & Selectin and Idea

Credits .5


  • The Value Creation Mindset
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the value of creation mindset by examining the distinction between value and money, explaining various kinds of value exchanges, and completing value creation exercises.
  • Nigel's Law
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of Nigel’s Law by analyzing various business pitches to identify the parts of Nigel’s Law and make and defend judgments about the businesses’ potential value.
  • The Idea Generation Process
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the entrepreneurial idea generation process by using the processes for the three major categories Improve, Borrow, and Breakthrough and the three main starting points for generating ideas Solution, Customer, and Experience to generate their own ideas.
  • The Idea Evaluation & Selection Process
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the idea evaluation and selection process by evaluating all of their ideas against standard success indicators, thinking objectively about their own assets, strengths, and skills, and selecting an idea to pursue further.



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