benefits of vlacs

Step in the driver’s seat and take charge of your education

Learn when and where you want, advance when you are ready, and get personalized support along the way.

Young man with violin smiling
Student having fun while learning

Pursue your education on your terms

Welcome to VLACS – the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS), a New Hampshire School Board-approved online school providing a flexible and customized education to students worldwide. At VLACS, the world is your classroom. Students choose when, where, and how they learn based on their needs, interests, and talents. With our customized learning model, you can take a traditional course at your own pace, design an independent project, or take advantage of the many opportunities for hands-on and non-traditional learning.

Learn in your own way

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of our customized learning model and start learning how you want to.

Robotics club

How Does Learning Happen?

You can master competencies and earn credit through one or more of the following learning pathways.


Choose from hundreds of courses and complete work through traditional lessons and assessments.


Conduct in-depth research and solve the real-world problems professional face at their jobs.


Explore a career field you’re curious about, complete hands-on tasks, and collaborate with industry experts.


Take college-level classes and earn dual credit.

When Does Learning Happen?

You will engage in learning on days and times that meet your unique needs. For example, your school week might look like this:

3 pm
Tennis Team Practice

8 am
At school for algebra and history

10 am
VLACS economics class

3 pm
Tennis Team Practice

7 pm
VLACS college English


8 am
At school for algebra and history

3 pm
Bus leaves for tennis match

7 pm
Bus returns


8 am
At school for algebra and history

1 pm
VLACS economics class

3 pm
Tennis Team Practice


8 am
Tennis lesson

11 pm
VLACS college English

Where Does Learning Happen?

The location where learning takes place is flexible and changes based on your interests and goals. See below for some examples of where learning can happen.

Chamber of Commerce

Experience – Internship: Microeconomics

Lisa completes a project that leads to an understanding of market forces and economic growth.


Project: Personal Finance

Lisa assumes the role of a financial literacy coach and helps create and monitor a family budget.


Experience – Travel: Macroeconomics

As part of her learning, Lisa visits the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to learn about monetary and fiscal policy.


VLACS Course: Supply & Demand

Lisa learns to apply the economic concepts of supply and demand.

Flexible learning for every grade level.

Our customized learning model benefits every level of education. It offers personalization, acceleration, flexibility, remediation, accessibility, and equity to the learning process.


  • Take the time to meet academic and developmental milestones
  • Increase independence
  • Develop technology skills
  • Establish confidence
  • Rich and engaging learning tools
Elementary Student

Middle School

  • Take high school courses while in middle school
  • Hands-on approaches to learning through project-based opportunities
  • Add room for sports, extracurricular activities, and/or community service
  • Focus on a unique interest like coding or app development
Middle School Student

High School

  • Enhance transcript
  • Get a job while in school
  • Graduate early
  • Participate in work-based learning
  • Earn diploma and college credit
  • Recover missed competencies/credits
  • Explore career aspirations
  • Advanced placement
  • Project-based learning
High School Student

Adult Education

  • Earn a high school diploma while employed and/or raising a family
  • Focus on a specific skill
  • Enhance resume in preparation for a career change
  • Complete a prerequisite for a higher ed program
Adult Education Student