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8 Valuable Advantages of Online Education

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elementary student enjoying her online learning experience

Virtual education is redefining what it means to go to school. As technology becomes second nature, more and more parents and students are opting to take their learning online. Since enrollments increase every year, online learning must be on a successful path. Not sure? Check out eight of the many advantages of online education and how they can impact a student’s experience in school.

1. Self-paced Learning

Many online programs are now taking a customized learning approach. That means students decide when, where, and how they will learn based on their interests, needs, and talents. The traditional expectation of seven classes being completed in one semester is no longer a barrier. If a student needs more or less time to master a subject, they are free to move at a pace that’s all their own, with their instructors’ support along the way.

2. Variety of Courses

In addition to the general prerequisites, online schools offer Advanced, Honors, and AP-level courses. Virtual education programs are also renowned for the variety of class options they offer, some of which include:

– Coding and 3D Video Game Design

– Creative Writing

– Fashion and Interior Design

– Introduction to Anthropology

– Introduction to Culinary Arts

– Introduction to Entrepreneurship

– Personal Training

– Web Design

– Sports Marketing

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It’s often hard to find a brick-and-mortar school that offers these types of focused classes, which is why many students select to complete their education online.

3. Convenient Schedules

The actual when and where of online classes is entirely flexible. Depending on the course, students will have a certain amount of assignments due each week or month and the completion of these can be done whenever and wherever works best for the student.

Course materials are available 24/7, which benefits students with hectic schedules, those that work best during off-times, and those who may need to spend a little extra time going through the subject matter. The flexibility also creates opportunities for students to work on learning through non-coursework, like internships and jobs.

4. Increased Responsibility

Middle school and high school are the first chances a student has to develop a work ethic. The prioritization and time management they take towards their schoolwork is often an indication of how they will succeed in college or a career, so this time period is incredibly important for their development.

With a self-paced, online program, a student is essentially managing themselves through their courses with the guidance of their instructors. A bus won’t be dropping them off in front of their classes every day; it will be their responsibility to log into their course software to find assignments, messages from their teachers, and materials to help them master the course matter.

5. Limited Distractions

Pre-teens and teenagers can get distracted easily. In school, it’s likely that they’re sitting with their friends, having a hard time listening to the teacher, or becoming curious as to what’s happening in the hallway outside.

Online schools eliminate this noise by allowing students to choose where and when they complete their schoolwork. If it’s loud in one part of the house, the student can change rooms. If they need to go to an appointment in the middle of the day, find a different spot to concentrate better or focus on a different subject, all they have to do is pause and resume their studies when it’s comfortable for them.

6. Opportunities for Socialization

Something that’s not always associated with online education is socialization but, in fact, students have ample opportunities to make connections with their peers. Flexible scheduling provides opportunities for students to schedule more activities that include social interaction, such as sports, travel, work, community service, and more.

Many courses also encourage discussions between students through project work and there are even clubs offered through schools like VLACS, including:

– Book Club

– Photography Club

– Music Club

– Writing Club

The flexibility a student has with their courses also gives them the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities in their community as well as internships and jobs.

7. Easily Accessible Teachers

Just like at traditional schools, virtual teachers hold office hours where they are immediately available via messaging programs, video chat, phone, or email. Teachers are also responsive to emails and phone calls during non-office hours, with most responding within 24 hours.

Whenever students submit assignments, teachers promptly respond with feedback so they can quickly get a grasp of how they did. Progress reports and routine check-ins with parents are also a requirement for many online schools.

8. Affordability

Enrolling at VLACS is free for New Hampshire residents and affordably priced for out-of-state students. College courses are also available at potentially lower costs through our early college programs that many high school students attend.

There are even more benefits to online learning that can be unique for each student. Attend an open house to see if an online education program like VLACS would be a fit for you or your child!





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