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Your Guide to Getting an Online Education: 18 Questions for Parents to Ask First

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Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting an Online High School

Thousands of students in grades K-12 today are using online education as a way of getting ahead, staying ahead and graduating on time. But selecting an online high school or middle school is becoming more and more tricky. With so many online high schools to choose from how do you know which will be the best fit?

Today’s online students are doing much more than taking courses online—they’re using the world around them as their classroom. Through innovative learning pathways described further in this 40-page eBook, VLACS has helped students from throughout the country pursue their interests, talents and passions in an approach never before seen in the learning landscape.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • How student-centered learning is revolutionizing education and improving student outcomes
  • How public, private and online schools work together to provide students a well-rounded 21st century education
  • What a typical school day looks like at an online school
  • Details related to cost, eligibility and enrollment for most online schools
  • The parent’s role in online education

But in addition to general information about online education, this eBook will teach you how VLACS is revolutionizing the field—creating innovative ways for students to learn not seen anywhere else in online education.


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