I took a few VLACS courses and they worked out really well for me, both scheduling and academic wise. I took even more classes the year after that and decided it would be a good idea to go full time and make VLACS the center of my high school education. It’s an amazing way to learn.

Isaac Walker, 2018 grad

I’m not intimidated by anything academically or otherwise because I spent those important years with VLACS learning both in and out of the classroom. I am proud to be a VLACS graduate and I will explain to anyone who will listen how great VLACS , and online education is.

Sophia Walker, 2015 Grad

The most remarkable part of VLACS is that students do not sacrifice core learning experiences because of the cutting-edge structure. I have had access to the full array of languages, AP classes, standard math and English as well as electives, all without losing out on flexibility and freedom. I will always be grateful for my time here, because VLACS made me love school again.

Fiona Morris, 2015 Grad

VLACS allows ambitious, motivated students to shine, because students can work at their own accelerated pace. On the other hand, VLACS also caters to those who find school challenging.


VLACS offered a flexible schedule [so] I could fulfill all my interests...The flexibility is probably the biggest thing about it for me. Most schools you have to go from 8 am to 3 pm and you don’t have any flexibility on that at all.


When I go to college, VLACS is going to help me a lot. I feel like I’m more well rounded.


VLACS has opened my eyes to high school by teaching me the skills I needed to map out my future and overcome any obstacles ahead.


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