Compentency-based learning AND flexible pacing ARE THE cornerstones OF Customized Learning.


Students have the opportunity to engage in learning on days and times that meet their unique needs.


The location where learning takes place is flexible and changes based on the journey and the needs of the student.


Competencies are mastered and credit may be earned through one or more learning journey.

What are learning journeys?

Flexible learning journeys are at the center of the VLACS learning model. Students can master competencies through a single journey or mix and match learning journeys to meet their interests, talents, or passions.


VLACS offers courses through our Competency Groups, such as algebra, photography, theater, veterinary science, and much more. Take a look through all the options in our Learning Catalog.

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Competencies are achieved through applying knowledge, skills, and in-depth research to resolve scenarios based on real-life situations.

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Students participate in work-based learning through internships, travel, work, and more. For example, a student may visit the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to learn about monetary and fiscal policy.

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Students can earn digital badges as they progress through their education, symbolizing their competency in a skill, qualification, or interest.

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Students meet with experts and work with peers in various areas of interest or potential careers.

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Take a single college course or earn an associate degree. It’s all possible through our early college program.

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How does it all fit together?

A student selects competencies and their preferred learning journey for each competency. These selections are placed into the student’s virtual backpack, a place where students can keep their enrollment requests organized. Once a competency is completed, it is moved from the backpack to the transcript, and completed competencies are grouped together to form traditional credits such as U.S. History, Algebra, or English IV.

VLACS backpack filled with important tools

Official Transcript Example

Compentency Group
English I

Attend an open house

We offer regular online open house webinars where VLACS staff members provide parents and students with an overview of our programs and answer questions about online learning.