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VLACS Partners with Visiting Angels of NH

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We have partnered with Visiting Angels to extend mentorship and internship opportunities to VLACS students! 

Emily Feugill, the Director of Operations at Visiting Angels in Auburn and Gilford, said that this partnership allows her organization to connect with students and ignite their thinking about caregiving and home healthcare careers while sharing job opportunities at Visiting Angels. 

As a professional who trains, recruits, and supports caregivers, partnering with organizations and schools allows her to educate students about Visiting Angels and the broad spectrum of careers within healthcare, including her home healthcare field.

Feugill has spoken to VLACS students during Career Connections webinars as part of our partnership. These informative sessions allow students to hear from professionals like Feugill to learn more about specific roles within an industry and pathways to pursue them. 

“One thing that I love about my session was that somebody actually reached out to me right after and said that they’re graduating and they’re looking for a summer part-time type job. So I thought that was a huge benefit.”

While most high school students are in the early stages of their career planning, sparking their curiosity and exposing them to all the different opportunities available helps broaden their thinking about what they can pursue in the future. 

“The need for caregivers continues to increase in New Hampshire and across the entire country. I think it’s important to really engage with students early on to hopefully change the workforce in the future.” 

Feugill commented that the inspiration behind her mentorship originates back to her early career exploration days. She added that being the type of mentor she once had drives her passion for empowering students to succeed in any path they take.  

“It’s important for the younger generation and population to know that you’re not out there needing to figure it out yourself. There are people that want you to succeed and help guide you along the way.”

Despite not being a caregiver herself, Feugill offers a unique perspective on how students can pursue a rewarding career in this field by exploring alternative options outside of nursing. 

“I’ve shared this in some webinars where I jumped into my Human Resources career. While my role is different from a caregiver role, for example, I’m able to still support that rewarding position.”

Equipping students with workplace skills that are transferable in any job and helping them recognize where they can apply those skills within different industries is an essential part of her presentations. 

“I actually didn’t start in home care or healthcare. I came from a completely different industry. But a lot of the traits and characteristics that make somebody successful in their job are interchangeable. So it’s really about trying something out and if you don’t enjoy it, find a different industry or different type of position to try out.” 

This partnership has opened up a world of possibilities for our students, bringing them one step closer to their aspirations. If you would like to partner with us, visit our business partners page to explore partnership opportunities, then fill out our form to get connected.