Student Options During the Upgrade 

  • Students can download work files for activities, labs, or other assignments and complete them.  Once our systems are running, students can then enter their work into the appropriate places in Canvas. 
  • Science: download copies of lab work files 
  • World language: review and memorize vocabulary
  • English: complete assigned reading
  • Math: download copies of problem sets and activities
  • Social studies:  research and prepare a written assignment
  • Health/Wellness: track activity on your fitness logs/activity journals
  • AP courses: use resources available to you on AP Classroom
  • Experiences: download or copy rubrics, continue working on deliverables, and meet with outside experts
  • All courses:
    • Make a copy of DBA questions and prepare for your next DBA
    • Research, reading, or write a required paper
    • Attend Career Connection Sessions to meet collaboration requirements,
    • Work on projects

If you have any questions about the upgrade, please contact us via email ([email protected]) or by phone (603-778-2500).

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