We are accepting applications to the full-time high school program

Full-Time High School Admissions

Your Path to Full-Time Virtual Education Starts Here.

Complete our application process to make VLACS your full-time high school.

Getting Started

Full-Time High School Application Process

If you want to register full-time at VLACS, follow the steps below to get started. Our admissions staff will work with you to complete the full-time application requirements and make sure you understand all the opportunities available at VLACS.

Create account
1. Create Your Accounts

You and a parent will each need to create accounts. Use the link below and select Account Creation and then choose New Student.

Please note that our system requires students and parents to have different email addresses.

2. Choose Courses

Sign in to your student account and click Academic Info > Request a course. Filter your search to find the courses you are interested in and select “+” to submit the request. To be considered for full-time program, you will need to enroll in three courses.

3. Complete the Full-Time Application

The application is non-competitive. After you have completed the application, VLACS will contact you to complete the rest of the full-time registration process. Please note that you will not be officially registered until the process outlined below is completed.

Need some help? Let us walk you through the process.

What Happens Next?

After you create an account, choose your courses, and complete the full-time student application.

  • VLACS will request your transcripts from your previous school. We will reach out if there are any issues.
  • We will contact you and your parent(s) to schedule a Student and Guardian Information Session.
  • We will contact you and your parent(s) to schedule a meeting with an Admissions Counselor.
  • You must work consistently in your enrolled courses for four consecutive weeks.
  • We will provide the “Understanding of Full-Time Registration Agreement,” the Full-Time Registration Paperwork, and the Credit Checklist for you and your parent(s) to complete.
  • Welcome to the Full-Time High School Program!

Full-Time High School Course Requirements

Full-time VLACS students must enroll in a minimum of three courses, with one being in a core academic area (math, English, science, social studies, world language). In general, we recommend that prospective students prioritize meeting graduation requirements. For example, if you have:

  • Completed English 1, enroll in English 2
  • Completed World History and US and NH History, enroll in Economics or US and NH Government
  • Completed Physical Science, enroll in Biology
  • Completed Algebra 1, enroll in Geometry

Before selecting courses, high school applicants should reference the graduation requirements below.

VLACS High School Graduation Requirements:

Arts Education0.5
Information & Communication Technologies0.5
Mathematics (including Algebra I and 0.5 credits in Geometry or an equivalent)3.0
Physical Sciences1.0
Biological Sciences1.0
United States and New Hampshire History1.0
United States and New Hampshire Government/Civics0.5
United States Naturalization Assessment Course.25
World History or Geography0.5
Health Education0.5
Physical Education1.0
Job Shadow.125
Career Exploration.125
Micro Internship.25
Advisory (1 credit for each year of full-time enrollment)1.0-4.0
Math Topics (if required)0.5 per 4 competencies

Attend a Virtual Open House

Have questions about how VLACS can support you and your child? Join us for a virtual open house to get all the information you need.