Proctor Guidelines

A person willing to facilitate an exam as a proctor must be a trusted individual who can take on a supervisory role in the administration midterm or final exams. The responsibilities of a proctor are outlined below. We ask that all proctors adhere to these responsibilities when administering a test. The student is responsible for making initial contact with the proctor to make the necessary arrangements for taking a test. The proctor should have access to e-mail and the Internet as important messages and/or tests may be sent via email.

Note: All students regardless of age, including those 18 years and older, are required to have a proctor for all password-protected exams.


  1. Verify the identity of the student.
  2. Provide a quiet and private atmosphere for test administration.
  3. Guarantee the ethical conduct of the student during the test period as provided with the exam instructions.
  4. The student may not view the test prior to the date/time arranged for taking the test.
  5. The proctor shall not share the exam password with the student, including those 18 years and older.
  6. The student is responsible for bringing any necessary supplies, such as pens, pencils, and blank paper.
  7. The student should not be left unattended at any time during the course of the test.
  8. The student is not allowed to copy any questions during the test for use thereafter.
  9. The course instructor will inform the proctor of an average estimated completion time based on previous students’ performances. Students should plan to complete the exam in one sitting unless other arrangements are agreed upon with the instructor. At times, unexpected situations will occur that require the student to stop and return to the exam at a later time. As the exams automatically save every 7 seconds, the student may leave and return to the exam. Do not submit the exam until it is complete.
  10. Passwords change regularly. If the password you’ve been given doesn’t open the exam, please contact the student’s instructor.


  1. The student will recommend a proctor to his/her instructor.  Suggested individuals who may be approved as proctors include: parents, legal guardians, guidance counselors, other school administrators or teachers, media specialists.
  2. If the instructor approves the proctor, then the exam password will be sent to the proctor via email or telephone 24-48 hours before the exam.  Passwords will not be sent to a parent/guardian if the student and parent share the same email address.
  3. The instructor will notify the student and proctor about the use of notes, books, or other resources during the exam.  In most cases, students will not be able to use additional resources during the exam.
  4. The proctor and student agree on a time and place to take the exam.
  5. The proctor verifies that the student is logging into the appropriate course and enters the password when prompted by the student.
  6. The proctor is to supervise the student during the entire exam session.  The proctor shall  not supply answers or provide assistance with understanding or answering any exam questions.
  7. At the end of the exam, the proctor verifies that the student has logged out of the course and closed all browser windows.

Dear Proctors:

Thank you for taking the time to proctor this exam.  We appreciate your efforts to help this student have a rewarding experience in this course.