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Common Myths of Online School DEBUNKED!

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online student socializing with teacher

There are many myths regarding what it’s like to attend online school. Many of them may be accurate, many of them are extremely far-fetched. It all depends upon the online program you’ve selected.

Before ever enrolling in the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School online K-12 program, parents and students often have many pre-conceived notions about the virtual learning experience-most notably, whether the type of education offered differs from the quality of traditional brick and mortar schools. Another common myth about VLACS is that students may not have the same outlets as those enrolled in public school settings.

While these myths persist, we take great joy in continually debunking such untruths and showing parents and students that VLACS is the real deal-as evidenced by our growing student population and ever-evolving online curriculum, not to mention the publicity we continually receive for our online school programs.

The following are some of the more common myths we hear at VLACS:

Lack of School Pride

Days like “Weird Hair Day” and “Pajama Day” do in fact exist at VLACS. Every day could be pajama day actually. VLACS’ online program allows for various outlets for expression. The flexibility of our school allows students to do things that they want to do. Many of our online high school students still attend local proms and participate in athletics at their local schools. In many cases, full-time VLACS students end up creating their own specialized peer groups and still do things they love.

Lack of Teacher Involvement

Online high school has this stigma that suggests students are left to learn on their own and on their own time. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. The virtual nature of VLACS’ online program wouldn’t be as successful if it wasn’t for the many opportunities students (and parents) have to interact with instructors. It’s a cornerstone of the program. While many parents or students may be left to assume that difficult subjects like English and Math may be too hard without a teacher, these courses are in fact our most popular. VLACS instructors spend more one-on-one time with their students than those in most traditional schools. Our instructors also communicate regularly with parents.

Lack of Socializing

The thought of students left to sit in front of their computer and learn is one of the most common myths out there today pertaining to online school. However, the freedom and flexibility VLACS provides its students allows for even greater social opportunities both inside and outside of the virtual classroom. Not only are students able to work on projects with one another and socialize in chat settings, but also many students use the flexibility of online schooling to socialize through sports and other extracurricular activities. Take the story of Isaac Walker for example. Except in the most extraordinary cases, students at VLACS are empowered each and every day to participate in activities that excite and engage them and to explore the world.


At VLACS, we’re constantly proving that the old ideas of virtual learning are no longer true. By leveraging today’s technology with an unparalleled commitment to educational excellence, our instructors strive to create a learning environment conducive to all learning abilities. Students and parents alike have really begun to embrace our versatile workflows and ‘at your own pace’ learning style. Attend an open house to see if VLACS is right for you.





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