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VLACS is excited to announce the official launch of our online adult education program!

While many adult high school diploma programs are time and place-based, VLACS offers flexibility and convenience through a 100% online, competency-based curriculum. This means that students are able to complete their coursework from anywhere with internet access, and at a pace that best suits their learning style. Adult students are then able to move quickly to finish a course or take their time if the material is challenging or if personal reasons arise.

A high school diploma is typically the minimum educational requirement for the majority of jobs, which can be disappointing for adults who haven’t yet achieved theirs. Through our online high school diploma program, we hope to help adults further their careers, apply to college, or just be in a better position to reach their other goals.

To get started, adult students ages 21 and over will need to apply to VLACS’ adult education program so our advisors can get an understanding of their background. After paying the $50 admission fee, students will receive a call from one of our counselors to determine what coursework they need to complete. Counselors will also review whether any adult education courses have been taken elsewhere and recommend VLACS classes that the student should consider.

The VLACS admissions process also includes an assessment of the student’s educational profile to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Students are then placed in courses that are best suited to their educational needs. For example, if the student struggles in math, they may be placed in a beginner-level course.

Throughout every course, instructors will be readily available for their students via email, video, text chats, and phone calls. They will check in on a weekly basis to monitor students’ progress and are open to additional appointments for more in-depth support.

Our adult education program is now accepting enrollments. Interested in learning more? Visit our Getting Started page or attend an open house.

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