VLACS Partnership Webinar: Providing More Opportunities For Your Students Through Competency Recovery & Cohorts

How does competency recovery work at VLACS? How do students enroll, and what does that look like on VLACS's transcripts? What is a "cohort," and why should my school develop one? We will be answering these questions and more during this one-hour webinar for educators! Join us as we explore how you can use competency recovery and cohorts to expand programming options and add flexibility for your students. We will be discussing all of the benefits of working with VLACS when a group of students is interested in enrolling in the same course or competencies.

VLACS Partnership Webinar:  Expanding Programming Options for Elementary Students

Whether you have students who want to learn a new language, accelerate their pace, or strengthen skills, our courses can help you provide more learning opportunities for your students. During this session, we will explore the variety of courses offered at the elementary level, how our K-5 program works, and how we can work with you to expand learning options for your students. Plus, there will be time at the end of this one-hour session to answer any of your questions. This webinar is intended for school administrators overseeing and monitoring their students enrolled in VLACS courses.

VLACS Partnership Training

Join us for a full day of training on all things VLACS.  During this training, you will learn about the different learning options at VLACS, the enrollment process, course navigation, and how to use the student information system to best support your students. You will also see things from the student view and gain an understanding of the timelines and process for enrollment and communication tools. There will be breakout discussions with members of the VLACS School Counseling and Partnership teams.

Thursday, August 19th, Full Day 8:30 am - 2:00 pm (Half Day options available)

VLACS Partnership Webinar:  Making the Most of the Student Information System

Join us for a one hour tutorial on how to use and navigate the VLACS student information system. In this session, we will show you where to log in and how to access all of the information that is available to you in the VLACS student information system to best support your students.  There will be time at the end of the session for your questions. This webinar is intended for school administrators who will be monitoring their students in VLACS courses.

Zoom: The Basics and Beyond

Learn and practice using the variety of tools available in Zoom to create a more interactive and productive experience for your students. We will explore breakout rooms, a variety of screen sharing options, annotation, and more. We will also discuss techniques beyond the tools to use to make sure students are engaged and attentive while in the Zoom room.

If you could not attend the live session, you can access a recording here.

Collaborative Online Teaching and Learning

At VLACS, we offer a variety of ways for students and teachers to collaborate and engage online.  We have learned a great deal by trial and error and will share tips and techniques we have learned to create an environment where students and teachers work collaboratively to learn from each other and create group products. We will look both at how to leverage the tools in Zoom and how to develop effective lessons for collaboration in an online setting.

If you could not attend the live session, you can access a recording here.

Consistency And Assessment Across the School when Online

Whether your school will be implementing a full online approach or a hybrid model, consistent tools and practices will ensure your students’ success.  Topics for this session include the importance of using the same tools, limiting the use of emails, designing and implementing consistent formats and modes of communication, and applying consistent practices at all levels of a district. We will also discuss consistent practices to consider in terms of assessment.

If you could not attend the live session, you can access a recording here.