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Early College Opportunities Now Available at VLACS

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Learning Through College Program Offers Early College Experience.

An exciting new early college experience is now available online at VLACS! VLACS students now have access to early college learning opportunities.

The early college program, called Learning through College, or LTCollege, offers students the opportunity to earn college credit and potentially an associate’s degree while attending high school. But even more intriguing is that the new program gives students the capability to meet rigorous intellectual challenges posed by college-level work-on their own time and for far less money.

Through VLACS’s partnership with the Community College System of New Hampshire students have the opportunity to enroll in college-level courses while still in high school. Courses follow CCSNH’s academic calendar and are taught by highly qualified CCSNH faculty. This program, also called eStart, allows students to do the following:

– Follow the Community College of NH calendar

– Take courses taught by adjunct or full-time professors

– Take courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements

– Take courses to earn an associate’s degree

– Transfer credits to other colleges and universities.

At VLACS, we’re constantly looking for ways to make learning more flexible and convenient for our students. Our early college program allows students to excel in their education-which is one of the basic tenets of online learning. Attend an open house today to learn more about this exciting new program, as well as other great online learning opportunities.