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Learning Through College Program Offers Early College Experience.

An exciting new early college experience is now available online at VLACS! Beginning on December 1st, VLACS students have access to early college learning opportunities in a variety of forms.

The early college program, called Learning through College, or LTCollege, offers students the opportunity to earn college credit and potentially an associate’s degree while attending high school. But even more intriguing is that the new program gives students the capability to meet rigorous intellectual challenges posed by college level work—on their own time and for far less money.

This unique early college program comes as a result of a close collaboration between VLACS and Southern New Hampshire University. It allows a student who is still in high school a chance to get ahead of the game by taking one or more college courses online. A student can even work towards completing the first year of an associate’s degree if they should choose.

Early College Options Include:

A la Carte Experience

This option allows a student to experience college level learning and earn a few college credits before graduating high school.

First year College Experience

This one-year option allows a student a chance to complete the first year of a two-year associate’s degree while in high school. During this process, a student receives academic support and guidance from VLACS staff members. (Note: A student must complete an application, meet with a VLACS counselor and develop a plan of study before continuing). Students can take college course over multiple years of high school, but must complete 30 college credits (10 courses) before graduating.

Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts

This option is designed for students interested in earning an associate’s degree through SNHU while in high school. Students will need to earn 60 college credits (typically 20 courses) through a combination of required and elective courses. Because these courses are part of the SNHU four-year degree core curriculum, they smoothly integrate with any of the SNHU four-year degree programs, if you choose to continue your studies at SNHU.

*If you do in fact end up earning an associates degree through this early college program, you will be invited to SNHU’s commencement ceremony and will be given your degree.

This partnership program with SNHU means students can expect the same level of flexibility and convenience as any other online high school course with VLACS, only with a few more bells and whistles.

Benefits of taking part in this early college program include:

  • Enroll anytime
  • Work at own pace
  • Take courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements
  • Take courses to satisfy SNHU degree requirements
  • Take courses to earn an associate’s degree
  • Transfer credits to other colleges and universities

The early college program with SNHU also allows a student to get some guidance along the way. Just like you would in a traditional brick and mortar school, the early college program with VLACS provides you an early college coach—as long as you’ve enrolled in your first year of college or have enrolled in the associate’s degree option.

Early college coaches provide assistance, which includes:

  • Connecting students with support for writing and math
  • Monitoring progress toward meeting plan of study goals
  • Regular check-ins with students and parents
  • Liaison with SNHU, if needed
  • Monthly webinars on topics such as college writing, study skills, time management, and more

VLACS has also partnered with the Community College System of New Hampshire to offer a number of additional college courses—some of which may be used to fulfill requirements of the SNHU degree requirements. Unlike the program with SNHU, this opportunity is only available to high school students. This program, also called eStart, allows students to do the following:

  • Follow the Community College of NH calendar
  • Take courses taught by adjunct or full-time professors
  • Take courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements
  • Take courses to satisfy SNHU degree requirements
  • Take courses to earn an associate’s degree
  • Transfer credits to other college and universities.

At VLACS, we’re constantly looking for ways to make learning more flexible and convenient for our students. Our early college program allows students to excel in their education—which is one of the basic tenets of online learning. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new program, as well as other great online learning opportunities.

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