Middle School

Middle School Comprehensive Science 2/Middle School Comprehensive Science 2 Advanced

1.0 Credit
36 weeks
boys making solar system project at home. The boys are painting sun and planets. One of the boys is painting the planet Earth.

Description: Middle School Comprehensive Science 2 is the second in a series of three consecutive middle school science classes. It builds on concepts introduced in the first course of the series, including the disciplines of life science, physical science, and earth-space science. In addition, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts are integrated throughout the course.

Major Topics and Concepts

Module 1: Matter and Energy

Food Chains and Webs
Advanced Classification
Transformation of Energy
Law of Conservation of Energy
Advanced Thermal Energy

Module 2: Interdependence of Life
Biological Interactions
Limiting Factors
Evidence of Change
Evolution and Natural Selection
Advanced Forces That Drive Natural Selection

Module 3: The Earth
Geological Age
Layers of the Earth
Plate Tectonics
Advanced Processes of Plate Movement

Module 4: Patterns of Change
Processes That Shape the Earth
Advanced Landforms on Earth
Heat Flow Inside Earth
Human Impact on Earth

Module 5: Energy Resources
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Properties of Light
Phases of Matter
Adaptation to the Environment

Module 6: Heredity and Genetics
Patterns of Inheritance
Mitosis and Meiosis


Matter and Energy

Students will demonstrate an understanding of matter and energy by explaining transformation of energy, explaining conservation of energy, and explaining biological classification systems.

Interdependence of Biological Systems

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence of life by describing types of biological interactions, explaining the role of limiting factors, and explaining principles of natural selection.

The Earth

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the Earth by explaining processes used to measure the age of the earth, describing layers of the earth, and explaining plate tectonics.

Patterns of Change

Students will demonstrate an understanding of patterns of change by explaining processes that shape the earth, describing heat flow inside the earth, and explaining the human impact on the earth.

Energy Resources

Students will demonstrate an understanding of energy resources by explaining the components of the electromagnetic spectrum, explaining the properties of light, and explaining phases of matter.

Heredity and Genetics

Students will demonstrate an understanding of genetics by describing biotechnology as a career field, explaining the role of DNA in heredity, and explaining mitosis and meiosis.