Enrichment Experience LEGO Learning (Grade 3-5)

0.125 Credits
6 Weeks
child playing with lego bricks

In this enrichment experience, you’ll use your imagination and building skills to create amazing projects with LEGO bricks. You’ll start by designing your very own marble mazes, then move on to building thrilling amusement park rides. Get creative as you craft delicious-looking LEGO food, and challenge your engineering skills by constructing a working catapult. Finally, you’ll get the chance to choose your own challenge, letting your creativity run wild with a project of your own design. Join us for LEGO Building Challenge and discover endless possibilities with your favorite bricks!

A Instructor will contact each enrolled student with more information, and a list of any required materials.

During this course, you will learn career-related skills and earn a badge for this accomplishment. A badge is a digital certification of your career-related learning that you can share on social media and higher education platforms, or with colleges, potential employers, peers, and colleagues. Select this link to learn more about badges.

Course Materials

Week 1 Materials

  • Assorted LEGO bricks
  • LEGO baseplate
  • Marble(s)

Week 2  Materials

  • Assorted LEGO Bricks
  • LEGO eyes
  • LEGO Baseplate
  • Minifigures

Week 3 Materials

  • Assorted LEGO Bricks
  • LEGO baseplates

Week 4 Materials

  • Assorted LEGO bricks
  • Baseplate
  • Measuring Tape
  • Something flat and heavy (like a brick or heavy book)
  • Rubberbrand
  • Marshmallow, LEGO figure, ping pong ball (or something to launch)
  • Measuring tape

Week 5  Materials

  • Assorted LEGO bricks
  • LEGO baseplate


LEGO Learning

Students will demonstrate an understanding of LEGO learning by creating LEGO challenges and engaging problem-solving skills.