Adult Ed

Adult Education Painting I

0.5 Credits
18 weeks
Female artist working in studio, drawing flowers.

Projects allow students to demonstrate competence and understanding of concepts and skills by completing a career-related task. For example, the assignment might be to create a mural, a package design, a speech, a film review, or a movie set – you name it! These creative projects are about applying your learning acquired through in-depth research to real-world career tasks.

Each competency will be addressed through a project based on a real-life career task. Here are the careers you will explore: Art Studio Instructor, Children’s Book Illustrator, Graphic Designer, and Craft Developer.




Color Theory in Landscape Painting

Students will demonstrate an understanding of color theory in landscape painting by explaining the layout of the color wheel, comparing and contrasting a variety of color schemes, mixing colors, and applying color theory to an original landscape painting.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of watercolor by explaining the characteristics of watercolor, and applying watercolor techniques to create a painting.

Pop Art

Students will demonstrate an understanding of pop art by analyzing a variety of pop art artists’ paintings, explaining the characteristics of pop art, and creating their own pop art-inspired painting.

Mixed Media

Students will demonstrate an understanding of mixed media by defining mixed media, analyzing mixed media paintings, and creating their own mixed media painting.