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Estimated Completion Time

36 weeks


Spanish IV will certainly expand your students’ language skills. However, it will also take them on a fascinating cultural journey. They will experience the language’s rich traditions and superstitions. Through exploring the past, students will come to understand the importance of community, family, and personal relationships. They will be immersed in culture—movement, art, music, literature. Meeting real people and hearing their stories will allow students to gain new vocabulary, have better command of the language, and understand their role as a global citizen.

Major Topics and Concepts

Segment 1:

Module 1:

    • Global Challenges
    • Nutrition and Food Safety
    • Health Issues
    • Public Health Systems
    • Environmental Issues
    • Human Rights
    • How to write a formal communication
    • Double verbs
    • Conjugation and use of subjunctive with impersonal expressions to make suggestions Subjunctive use for expressing volition and fear
    • Conjunctions that require subjunctive, conditional, imperfect subjunctive, and si clauses

Module 2:

    • Science and Technology
    • Discovery and inventions
    • Present and past perfect tenses
    • Future technologies
    • Future perfect and the Future indicative
    • Subjunctive mood with actions not yet completed
    • New media and social impact for technology
    • Irregular subjunctive mood
    • Present perfect subjunctive
    • How to write a blog post
    • Ethical questions and debates about science and technology

Module 3

    • Family and community
    • Relationships
    • Friendship and love
    • Reflexive and reciprocal verbs
    • Present tense
    • Uses of se
    • Latin root words
    • Childhood and adolescence
    • Embellished adjectives
    • Comparisons and superlatives
    • Preterit and imperfect
    • Family Structure
    • Possessive adjectives and pronouns
    • Roles and classes in society
    • Forming nouns from verbs
    • How to write an autobiography
    • Customs for beginnings and ends
    • Reading and listening comprehension

Segment 2:

Module 4:

    • Contemporary Life
    • Celebrations
    • Superstitions and beliefs
    • Present and imperfect progressive tense with a variety of verbs
    • Forming adverbs
    • Latin Root Words
    • International travel airport processes and recommendations
    • Impersonal se
    • Various uses of infinitives
    • Leisure and sports
    • Accidental se
    • Object pronouns
    • Post-secondary education
    • Imperfect subjunctive
    • Conditional perfect
    • How to write a narrative
    • Global career options
    • Past perfect subjunctive
    • Reading and listening comprehension

Module 5:

    • Beauty and Aesthetics
    • Human beauty
    • Reflexive verbs in the present and the past
    • Architecture
    • Latin Root Words
    • Time expressions
    • Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
    • Visual arts, Literature
    • Future subjunctive
    • Passive voice
    • How to write a persuasive essay
    • Performing arts
    • Reading and listening comprehension


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Spanish 3



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