Business Information Management 1a - VLACS
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Estimated Completion Time

18 weeks


Build your career skills and strengthen your knowledge of business information management by exploring types of businesses and the elements of business planning. Learn about the initial requirements to start a business, then examine business finances, marketing, sales, and the importance of customer service. Computer hardware, networks, and the internet are discussed as well as the basics of web design. Lastly, you will explore ethics and business law, giving you an opportunity to discover your passion for business!

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Create and understand business plans and explain why they are so important
    Explain the different functions required to operate a business
    Recognize the importance of information and communication technology in a business context
    Distinguish different types of businesses and understand what’s needed to start one
  • Describe and understand the accounting cycle
    Outline and understand a business risk assessment
    Investigate business costs and how to budget for them
    Evaluate different types of business insurance products and when they should be used
    Differentiate between types of financial institutions and the products they can offer
  • Assess how marketing fits into the business plan
    Demonstrate your knowledge of market research, including demographics and targeted marketing
    Differentiate different marketing tools and classify the pros and cons of each
    Identify opportunities for innovation in marketing
    Explain the impact of sales as a part of business
  • Analyze the effects that different aspects of the law can have on a business
    Identify sources of business crimes and strategies that can be used to prevent them
    Describe the legal requirements for running a business, including employment and labor laws
    Discuss why a business should be run ethically and the benefits this has for employers and employees alike
    Investigate how the use of data and technology by a company and its employees can create legal problems for the company
  • Identify what hardware you need to begin your business
    Differentiate between several types of computer networks and explain what each is used for
    Compare the key uses of hardware and software
    Plan maintenance and upgrade tasks typically undertaken in a business environment.
    Investigate how to choose the right technology to fit a company’s needs
  • Discuss how the internet functions and compare this with other types of networks used in business
    Utilize internet terminology and the web to take advantage of what websites can do for business
    Create effective internet searches and define internet search modifiers
    Explain the advantages of using web applications in business organizations
    Investigate ways to create the most effective internet searches
  • Explain different types of websites and be able to identify which to use for a business
    Plan the creation of a website from its initial concept to the delivery of the final product
    Select appropriate web editors and coding languages to build and enhance a website
    Demonstrate understanding of website design including color theory
    Evaluate the effectiveness of graphics and animations in grabbing the attention of visitors to a website
  • Describe the history and use of operating systems
    Safely create and move files in an operating system
    Correctly and efficiently name files in accordance with best practices used in business
    Safely store files while preventing data loss by creating backups
    Transfer, download, and save data to satisfy business standards

Credits .5

Competency Group Overview

Meets ICT graduation requirement.


  • Basics of Business
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of business operations, business types and creating and operating various types of businesses by researching different business types, examining functions required to run a business, and creating a business plan.
  • Business Finances, Marketing and Sales
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of business finances, marketing, and sales by investigating the basics of accounting, evaluating the impact of sales on a business, researching marketing foundations, and assessing strategic financial products and marketing tools beneficial to business owners.
  • Ethics and Business Law
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of ethical business practices and business law by investigating how businesses remain compliant and are run ethically and the impact of proper employee guidelines on a business’ productivity and profits.
  • Business Internet Use
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of business use of the internet by investigating internet functions, effective internet use, website development, and content creation in businesses.
  • Business Computers and Information Management
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of business computers and information management systems by identifying business-related computer hardware and software options and investigating operating systems and common business standards for information management.
  • Career Connections
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of various careers by researching careers and participating in and reflecting on sessions hosted by professionals working in these careers.



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