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VLACS has established partnerships with professionals and organizations across New Hampshire to provide our students with career-focused learning experiences.

Students have the opportunity to leverage these resources to explore careers, make valuable connections, and prepare for the real world.

Professionals can also utilize these opportunities to mentor students in their community and help equip students with the skills they need to be successful in the workforce.

Join our community and become a professional partner with VLACS.

Did you know...

VLACS has over 200 professional partners that have agreed to work with students

VLACS has hosted over 1000 live career connection sessions where students learn about careers from professionals

VLACS has issued over 400 digital badges to professional partners

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A Word From Our Partners

"This is the next generation. They are going to take over our businesses. They are going to serve our clients after we retire. I want to make sure they are ready. I want to do the most I can, while I can."

Steve White, Real Estate Broker

"I hope that students feel encouraged hearing my story and how I got into the field and what I’m doing with my career now… That they just feel encouraged to pursue those things and to not feel discouraged when their path towards something doesn’t quite look like their classmates or their friends around them."

Erica Smith, Dental Hygienist

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jennifer landon

"I think VLACS, the opportunities that you have available for your students, is fantastic because it provides for open dialogue. I had great questions. It keeps me on my toes. It is a great opportunity for anyone in any sector."

Jennifer Landon, VP of Education and Workforce Development

"I think it is tremendously valuable to maintain that connection to the community, to maintain that connection to the youth and their ideas."

Jason Srgo, Head of Cybersecurity

VLACS Professional Partners By Industry & Profession:

° Dance Studio Ownership

° Songwriting

° Symphony Orchestra 

° Performing Arts Administration

° Choreography 

° Music Therapy 

° Yoga & Fitness Instruction

° Voice-Over 

° Production Assistance

° Dancing

° Illustration & Design

° Stock Analyst 

° Human Resources

° Micromobility Sales

° Self-Employment

° Risk Management

° Internal Auditing 


° Personal and Professional Development Training - Banking

° Non-profit Business

° Business Valuation

° Real Estate Brokerage

° Commercial Cleaning, Business Owner

° Inertial Sensor Manufacturing

° Energy Engineering

° Industrial Engineering

° Software Engineering

° Manufacturing Engineering

° Technical Sales Engineering

° Engineering Design

° Carpentry

° Commercial Construction

° Masonry and Concrete

° Drywall

° Architecture 

° Light Industrial and Manufacturing

° Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

° Design-Build Remodeling

° HVAC Testing & Balancing

° Residential Construction

° Drilling & Blasting

° Electrical Contracting

° Elementary Education

° Biologist Professor

° High School Basketball Coaching

° Safety Education 

° Ph.D. Student

° Higher Education Nursing Educator

° Assistant Professor

° Air Pollution Control

° Environmental Field Science

° USDA Forrest Fire Prevention

° Forestry 

° Outdoor Recreation

° Wilderness Survival

° Naturalist

° Domestic and Sexual Violence Support

° Medical Dosimetry

° Audiology

° Labor & Delivery Nursing

° Nutrition & Dietetics 

° Home Health & Hospice

° Occupational Health & Safety

° ABA Therapy

° Physical Therapy 

° Long-Term Care

° Nursing Home Administration 

° Community Health Improvement

° Dental Hygiene 

° Drug & Alcohol Therapy

° Pediatric Nurse

° Geriatric Physical Therapist

° Surgeon 

° ICU Nurse 

° Surgical technician/ER

° Pastry Chef & Retail Baking

° Food Safety

° Event & Wedding Planning

° Food Catering

° Litigation Attorney 

° Real Estate Attorney

° Patent Prosecution

° Marketing & Creative Design

° Food Marketing

° Journalism 

° Public Relations

° Freelance Writing

° Radio Broadcasting

° Digital Influencing

° Technical Writing

° Social Media

° Film Production

° Branded Marketing

° Principal Technical Architect 

° Information Technology

° Video Game Designer

° Digital Accessibility 

° Software and Cybersecurity

° Visa and Immigration Services

° Pro Golf 

° Cycling

° Beekeeping

° Political Consulting

° Commercial Cleaning

° Curation

° Retail Fashion

° Archives & Historical Preservation

° Maritime

° Firefighting

° Flueologist 

° US Army Recruiting 

° American Sign Language 

° Military & Defense Contracting 

° Funeral Service 

° Lobbying

° Veterinary Medicine


Company Patnerships

Southern District YMCA

Golden View Health Care Center

National Flight Simulator

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