What Makes Us Different

VLACS Adult Ed differs from other online experiences. While other programs offer access to content and various degrees of instructor contact, VLACS is the only online program offering direct instructor contact throughout to help personalize your experience.

Finish High School

Ready to earn your high school diploma? We can help you meet your goal!

Learning For a Lifetime

Learn something for fun, develop new tech skills, learn a second language, it’s all possible at VLACS Adult Ed!

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Rolling Enrollment

Register any day, start learning any time.

Prepare For College or Work

Heading to college or seeking advancement at work, we can help.

Affordable Tuition

Pay for what you need based on when you have time to learn.

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Dedicated Staff

Our certified teachers work to establish positive relationships with every student.

The chart below highlights some additional differences and considerations when selecting an online program:





Education Portal Khan Academy
Welcome Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalized Welcome Call from Course Instructor Yes No No No
Offers Course Personalization

AND/OR Offers Instructor Assisted Course Personalization

Yes No No No
Personalized Instructional support throughout the course Yes No No No
Direct instructor contact throughout Yes No No No
Instructor Feedback throughout Yes Yes* Yes* No
Regular Progress updates Yes No No Yes
Direct administrative support if needed Yes No No No
Tech support available Yes No No No
Video Lesson Presentations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Interactive Class Forums Yes Yes? ?? No
Time-Tested/established Curriculum Yes No
Time/Pace flexibility from start to finish Yes No Yes Yes
Suggested courses/course pathways based on interests/experience Yes* No No Yes

*Feedback may be from a source other than the instructor

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