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9 Perks of Going to School Online

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online learner cultivating relationship with teacher

Today’s families choose from a variety of different schooling opportunities – such as traditional K-12 schooling, homeschooling or online learning. While educational choice is a good thing, some parents can get confused about which one is right for their child.

You are most likely familiar with traditional brick-and-mortar high schools. Chances are that you even attended one yourself. Homeschool is another option, but this option puts a lot of pressure on parents to teach the coursework.

Online learning is the perfect balance between the two previous options. It gives parents and students more academic control, without relying on a parent to take on the role of a teacher. Here’s some more information about the benefits of attending school online:

1. Online classes are available 24/7 every day, which means students can participate in their education when they want and take breaks as needed

2. Students can choose their own learning pace. They can advance more quickly in subjects they excel in and take extra time on subjects when needed.

3. Students who attend high school online can access the teacher’s notes and other coursework material ANY time they want.

4. Teachers at online schools tend to be more accessible to students – this is primarily attributed to the ease of communication through the traditional email and telephone, as well as video to email and video to the phone. These various communication tools allow online students to email, chat, text or even call their teachers.

5. Online schools use multiple forms of teaching materials, including videos, slideshows, and lecture notes. These methods are more accommodating to different learning styles.

6. One-on-one interactions with instructors create a safe and comfortable learning environment.

7. The U.S. Department of Education reported that research shows students who attend online schools excel at a rapid rate.

8. Fashion woes are a thing of the past. No one cares what you’re wearing when you attend school online.

9. Where you live plays a big part in what traditional school your child can attend, and the options aren’t always desirable. Online learning is global. No matter where you live, your child has a great schooling option.

Another major perk of attending school online is the way it can prepare students for college. Children who go to school online receive an excellent education that is based on the core curriculum needed for entrance to college, as well as the elective courses that colleges often look for to ensure a student is well rounded. Online students are well prepared for college because they’ve learned to work independently, which is a necessary skill for college success.

Online students have plenty of opportunities to interact with their offline peers by enrolling in extracurricular activities, such as karate lessons, dance lessons, youth groups at church, charity work, and teen clubs. Many online students are part-time, meaning these students are also enrolled at a traditional school and are still able to participate in those school-sponsored extracurricular activities. Regardless of the situation, online students are able to fit extra activities into their schedules easily because online high schools are incredibly flexible.

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