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5 Best Learning Apps for Students (That Parents & Teachers Will Love Too!)

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Looking for something to help improve your cognitive abilities or keep you better organized? There are apps for that!

Technology has revolutionized learning, especially since nearly every student has access to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop at any time they like. So why not use it to your advantage? The following are what we consider the best learning apps for students-but parents and teachers will enjoy them too!


iPhone, iPad, Android

Learning a language becomes visual and relatable with Duolingo. Each lesson contains a variety of practices, focusing on verbal, written, and reading comprehension. Users earn points in the bite-sized training and move on gradually to more challenging levels.

Available languages include:

– Spanish

– Portuguese

– French

– Italian

– German

– Russian

– And more!

Google Docs Citation Panel

This is more of a feature than an app, but Google Docs’ built-in citation panel makes creating footnotes and bibliographies a lot more organized and less of a manual challenge. The research sidebar is also handy for finding academic studies and published papers on certain topics. You can check out how to use this tool here.


iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows

Record and arrange course notes easily in your handy digital notepad, also known as Evernote. Unlike other document creators, this app can connect to all of your devices, so jotting down useful information on the go is no problem. You can also instantly send notes between users to help organize group projects and share materials.


iPad, Android

Since common Google searches provide heaps of information that can become overwhelming, InstaGrok aims to present topics in visual concept maps so students can quickly grasp the most important facts, relationships, and concepts. Students can find informative websites, videos, images, and key facts quickly on one page, without having to search through endless Google search results pages.

My Study Life

iOS, Android, Windows

Students attending online schools will find this app particularly helpful when planning their days. My Study Life is great way to visualize and organize assignments, as well as designate certain days for specific tasks and classwork.

The app works just like a traditional paper planner, and can keep track of your workload across multiple platforms so you can always have your to-do’s close by. You can also set it up to receive notifications so you never miss a task.

Instead of browsing the same social media sites while commuting to an internship or taking a break from studying, try out one of these apps. No matter your age, they are likely to help you improve your cognitive abilities and stay on top of your workload.

If you like these learning apps, you might also like our customized learning model. Learn more here. 





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