Frequently Asked Questions

During the upgrade, students will not be able to access courses or grades. VLACS instructors will be providing students with suggestions for continuing to make progress during the upgrade. 

A list of tasks that students can complete during the upgrade is available here

Yes.  VLACS email and Zoom will continue to function.  Students, parents, and schools are welcome to meet with instructors or to call our offices during the upgrade.

A list of additional tasks that students can complete during the upgrade is available here

The following services/tools will be available throughout the upgrade process. 

  • Website
  • Website chat
  • VLACS office and phone system, 603-778-2500
  • Instructor, School Counseling, and Student Emails
  • Zoom video conferencing

Students' grades will be moved to the new systems. Once this takes place, students will be able to continue working where they left off prior to the upgrade.

We recommend that before the upgrade on August 9, students turn in any assignments that they have completed. We also suggest saving any assignments that students are currently working on or are otherwise incomplete to their personal device or Google Drive as a backup. Any assignments in draft form will not be moved to the new system. 

While students will not have access to their courses during the upgrade on August 9, they can work as much as they'd like until VLACS temporarily closes courses. Students can also download and complete assignments offline,  and turn in their finished work once the new system is implemented. We don't anticipate that this shutdown will last for more than seven days, after which time students will be able to log in and pick up where they left off.

A list of additional tasks that students can complete during the upgrade is available here

We have notified all of VLACS's partner schools and NH superintendents and principals of the temporary closure. Students can expect an email from their instructors on how best to make progress in their courses before, during, and after the upgrade.

Students that were enabled in July 2021, will have an extended grace period through August 31, 2021. Students enabled after the upgrade will have the traditional 28-day grace period.

Only grades will transfer to our new system during the upgrade. None of students' work or assignments from the previous system will transfer. Students should back up their work and/or download and save any assignments or assessments that they have submitted if they wish.

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