As part of the Learning through College program, VLACS has partnered with Southern New Hampshire University to offer students a new type of online course where students can work at their own pace and earn high school and college credit. Each course is taught by VLACS instructors who have been approved by Southern New Hampshire University as meeting the requirements necessary of SNHU adjunct faculty.

Calendar: Registration Closed.

Instructors: VLACS instructors approved as adjunct instructors by SNHU.

Cost:  $100 SNHU administrative fee plus the cost of additional course resources.  Course resource information can be found on the SNHU Bookstore for VLACS website.  Please note that some courses have subscription time limits for the resources. If the resource expires before the course is finished, it will be the responsibility of the student to purchase another copy.

Eligibility: Must be a high school sophomore, junior, and senior to enroll in a SNHU/VLACS course.

Credit Recommendations:

Learning through College courses at VLACS are college courses designed to be offered completely online for high school students. Each course carries college credit, which is award by the college of record. The amount and type of high school credit earned for these classes is determined by the local high school.

Estimated Completion Time: 14-16 weeks

High School Credit Recommendation: 1.0


Will I receive official college credit?

Yes. Upon the successful completion of your course you may request an official transcript from SNHU. Students may request an official transcript from the Academic Records Office at Southern New Hampshire University. There is a $6 fee for each official transcript. Please visit for more information.

Will the credit transfer to another college or university?

VLACS /SNHU courses are standard university courses and appear on an official Southern New Hampshire University transcript. Credits generally transferable to most colleges and universities. There is no guarantee, however, that credits will be accepted by all institutions. Universities have varying policies on accepting transfer credits and it is the responsibility of the student or parent/guardian to consult with the admissions department of a specific college/university to determine if the SNHU course(s) can be transferred.

How do I get my SNHU transcript?

You may request your SNHU transcript from the registrar at SNHU.  Please note that there is a five dollar fee for an electronic version and a seven dollar fee for a paper version.

Can I drop from the course?

Yes, you may withdraw during the first 28 days of your course without penalty. You will need to contact your VLACS instructor and SNHU to finalize your drop request.

Withdrawing after the 28-day grace period will result in a withdrawal/failing (W/F) on your transcript. You are expected to stay on pace or you may be dropped from the course if you are not submitting the minimum assignments each according to the suggested pacing each week. Additionally, if you withdraw or are dropped from your course, there is not the option for reinstatement.

I dropped the course, can I receive a refund?

No. Once a student registers for the course (regardless of activation, grade or completion) the registration fee is non-refundable or transferable.