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Learning Together

Teamwork is at the core of many careers and life pursuits. We recognize that teamwork is essential to the experience of many of our students’ interests, so we offer team-based learning.

How It Works

Students form a virtual team that works together to study and solve a real world problem.This type of learning allows students to work in a selected role within a team and problem solve in a collaborative way. For instance, a team of students may work with environmental experts to build their understanding of environmental issues in their region. The team would select a common environmental problem, gather field data from their community and analyze the data. The results of their study would then be published to inform the region of their results.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

A team of students will work with an instructor and outside experts to learn about the topic and then work together on a common project related to the course theme. The team will collectively identify roles, assign tasks, and construct timelines for task completion.

Individual Responsibility

Each student is responsible for producing a final product or component of the final product, that they will work on in their own time, to meet an agreed-upon deadline.

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Flexible Schedule

Team courses typically run 17-18 weeks, start on a specific date, and have periodic due dates for work throughout the course. Students have flexibility regarding when they complete work, but are expected to complete tasks in by the due dates determined by the team.

Guidance as Needed

Using virtual meeting tools, instructors meet regularly with the team and subgroups within the team, communicate with the team through emails, and provide feedback and individual assistance as needed.

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Teams FAQs

What if one person in the group does not complete his/her piece of the project? Will this impact our ability to complete the project and my grade?

Although it is a group task, each person will be assessed based on his/her individual work and will not be penalized for someone else not doing their work. The tasks are designed so that they can be completed if one person is unable to complete his/her component.

How do I enroll?

Teams will be available for enrollments starting December 2017. Team start dates will be January 2018 for Middle School Photography, High School Photography, High School Video Production, High School Creative Writing, High School Wellness (PE credit). The Team offerings will be listed in our Learning Catalog and enrollment will work as it does with other offerings.

How long does it take to complete a team project?

Each team experience is designed to take 17 to 18 weeks.

Do I earn credit for completing a team project?

Yes, in each team project you will master 3-4 competencies and earn 0.5 credits.  

Do I need to meet with my group in person?

No, you will need to meet with the members of your group periodically, but all meetings will be held online.

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