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Learning Together

Teamwork is at the core of many careers and life pursuits. We recognize that teamwork is essential to the experience of many of our students’ interests, so we offer team-based learning.

How It Works

Students work together in a virtual team to explore and develop skills and techniques in an area of common interest. In each team offering, students create original work as they learn from experts and receive feedback from peers.   For example, a team of students in Digital Photography may work with an expert to build their understanding of best practices in landscape photography and then work together to develop the various skills and techniques associated with creating high quality landscape photos.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

The team works collaboratively to develop various skills and techniques while giving and receiving feedback to improve the quality of work.  The results could then be published to promote the student’s work.

Individual Responsibility

Each student is responsible for meeting due dates throughout while also producing a final product that can then be published if desired.

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Flexible Schedule

Team courses typically run 18 weeks, start on a specific date and have periodic due dates for work throughout.  Students have some flexibility regarding when they complete work but are expected to complete tasks by the due dates determined by the instructor.

Support as Needed

Using virtual meeting tools, instructors meet regularly with the team and sub-groups within the team, communicate with the team through emails and provide feedback and individual support as needed.

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Teams FAQs

What if one person in the group does not complete his/her piece of the project? Will this impact other students’ ability to complete the project and their grade?

No, Although it is a group task, each person will be assessed based on his/her individual work and will not be penalized for someone else not doing their work.

When can I start a Team offering?

Team offerings start periodically throughout the year.  Please see the learning catalog for specific information on start dates.

How do I enroll?

Enroll in Team offerings as you would for any other VLACS offering.  Select ‘Enroll’ from the VLACS website and follow the instructions.    A student must enroll in the entire competency grouping (segment 1).

What is the traditional pace for Team Course?

The total estimated completion time is 16-18 weeks.

Do I receive credit for completing a Team Course?

Each Team Course consists of 4-5 competencies bundled as 0.5 credit.

Do I need to meet with the Team in person?

No, you will need to meet with the members of your Team periodically, but all meetings will be held online in the virtual meeting room.

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