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Do you want to provide your students with the opportunity to customize their learning?

The VLACS Flexible Learning Partners Program provides any school with the training and resources needed to offer student-centered learning opportunities to students.  At VLACS, student-centered learning means that students can create an almost limitless number of learning opportunities by mixing competency-based courses, projects, internships, travel, community service, or collaborative experiences together in a way that best meets their academic and personal needs.  Students who have the opportunity to customize their learning become engaged and excited about their work, in other words, they “own” their learning.  The VLACS student-centered learning model also means that students can learn anywhere and at any time of the day.

Here are a few examples of how the VLACS Flexible Learning Program could become a part of your students learning plan:

  • Alice struggles in math and has not completed two Algebra I competencies. She decides to enroll in two projects at VLACS to complete Algebra.  Each 3-4 week project places Alice in a real world scenario where she has to build and apply her skills and knowledge in a project-based setting in order the satisfy the Algebra competencies.
  • David loves history and would like to explore early American life in a real world setting. He decides to enroll in U.S. History at VLACS and has plans to master three competencies via the school’s online U.S. History course and complete two additional competencies by completing two projects.  The three remaining U.S. History competencies will be mastered during a four-week internship at a living history museum in Massachusetts.  When each of the eight U.S. History competencies are complete, VLACS will award David with a credit in U.S. History.
  • Sylvia is an average student who has never considered attending college. At the suggestion of her school’s guidance counselor she decides to enroll in a college course offered by VLACS.  To her surprise, she completes the course and is awarded both a high school and college credit.  Inspired, she enrolls in another college course at her school through Project Running Start.  Upon completion of her second college course, Sylvia decides to complete an associate degree by the end of her senior year by enrolling in the VLACS early college program. By the end of her senior year Sylvia has earn a high school diploma and becomes the first person in her family to earn a college degree when she completes the requirements for an associate degree at Southern New Hampshire University

Flexible Learning Partners Program Opportunities

  • Face-to-face training for school officials
  • Online training for school administrators, counselors, and lab facilitators
  • Access to the VLACS student information system
  • Access to VLACS Flexible Learning Partnership Program web resources
  • Partnership Newsletter

Getting Started

  • Eligibility: We welcome both New Hampshire and national partners from any state
  • Tuition and fees for national partners
  • Call or email today to learn more about the VLACS Flexible Learning Partners Program
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