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Approvals and Accreditation

VLACS is a state approved charter school and public school. Our approval to serve as a school comes directly from the NH State Board of Education which grants us the ability to award high school diplomas and academic credits. To ensure that our programming and services meet the requirements set forth by the NH Board of Education we must submit an annual report describing and documenting our work, plus, every five years we are required to participate in a charter renewal process that is identical to many independent accreditation processes.



·       New Hampshire Board of Education – The Board sets standards and approves all public schools in New Hampshire.

·       National Collegiate Athletic Association – The NCAA approves certain courses for

·       Prospective student-athletes seeking NCAA initial-eligibility.  A list of VLACS approved classed can be found at:

·       Advanced Placement – All VLACS Advanced Placement courses are audited by the College Board on an annual basis.

·       A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau



·       New England Conference on Gifted & Talented Award, 2009

·       NH Excellence in Education Special Recognition Award, 2009 and 2016

·       Commissioner’s Circle of Excellence Recipient, 2012


New Hampshire Charter Renewal Process


The renewal process consists of a comprehensive on-site review conducted by a team of educators to determine if the school has adequately fulfilled the promises outlined in its charter.

The on-site review team conducts focus group interviews with school leadership, teachers, parents, students and members of the Board of Trustees.

The school’s performance described in the renewal application, yearly assessment results and charter accountability documents provides, along with the on-site review, the evidence needed to monitor progress toward the charter school’s academic performance, financial and organizational goals and sustainability.

Overall findings of the school’s performance and a recommendation for renewal will be presented to the New Hampshire State Board of Education. The State Board of Education will make the final determination to renew the charter school for another five-year term.


Source:  NH Department of Education, Renewal Process for Charter Schools

What is the tuition rate for national students?

Tuition & Fees: NH Residents

If you’re a resident of New Hampshire, you can enroll full-time or part-time free of charge.

Tuition & Fees: Out of State

There is a tuition fee for non-resident students who wish to enroll at VLACS. The Virtual Learning Academy must give preference to New Hampshire students. We will place non-residents in classes if space is available. Non-residents will be charged a non-refundable registration fee of $20. Tuition is $979 for a full credit and $489 for a half credit.


What is a virtual online school?

Virtual schools are available through the Internet and provide students the flexibility of anytime, anywhere access to rigorous, personalized education. In the virtual classroom, every student is actively engaged directly with the instructor, thereby offering a comprehensive and thorough understanding of each course taken.

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are public schools that operate without many of the regulations that apply to traditional public schools. In exchange for this increased freedom, charter schools agree to greater accountability. The ‘charter’ that establishes each school is a performance contract detailing the school’s mission, program, goals, students served, methods of assessment, and ways to measure success. Charter schools are accountable to their sponsor, usually a state or local school board, to produce positive academic results and adhere to the charter contract.

Who founded the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School?

The Exeter Region Cooperative School District (SAU 16) initiated the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School as an independent organization. The Academy has its own employees and teaching staff, Board of Trustees, and financial statement.

When was the Virtual Learning Academy established?

The charter for the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School was unanimously approved by the New Hampshire State Board of Education on May 9, 2007. The school is authorized as a charter school, public school, and 501(c)(3) non-profit. New Hampshire students attend the Academy free of charge while out-of-state students attend on a tuition basis. Both full-time and part-time students are welcome to attend VLACS.

Why does New Hampshire need a virtual online high school?

Many NH high school students cannot take advanced placement or specialized classes because their school district cannot afford the course or there is not enough student interest for a school district to justify funding a course. Since its inception, VLACS has provided students and schools options to reduce drop out rates, scheduling flexibility, expanded course offerings, and credit recovery options. An additional benefit we offer is the one-to-one communication between the instructor and student, which is vastly different from the instructor-student relationship in the traditional classroom environment. The virtual environment enables the instructor to get to know each student and challenge each student based upon his/her learning style, strengths and weaknesses.

Virtual Learning Academy Charter School is New Hampshire’s first statewide, online high school. It provides students with flexibility, choice, a personalized learning environment, and the opportunity to learn using the latest technology. Most importantly, VLACS provides every NH high school student with an equal learning opportunity.

How is VLACS funded?

The Virtual Learning Academy is funded through the New Hampshire’s Education Trust Fund, which exists solely to benefit NH’s charter schools. State law gives the NH Legislature the authority and job to fund the state’s charter schools.

Who can attend VLACS?

Any high school or middle school student who resides in New Hampshire, up to the age of 21, may apply to VLACS. VLACS will accept out-of-state high school and middle school students on a tuition basis.

Part-time students may enroll in VLACS for academic enrichment, accelerate their progress in a traditional high school program or finish uncompleted coursework. Students who intend to graduate from VLACS may apply to pursue full time studies. Students may also pursue college credit while still in high school through our dual-credit partnering programs with several colleges.

How does VLACS develop its curriculum?

We purchase most of our curriculum from the Florida Virtual School, a successful virtual school that has been operating since 1997. During the past 10 years, the FVS curriculum and coursework has been evaluated and revised to meet rigorous academic standards. In addition, FVS’ instructors, administrators, students and parents continually evaluate the curriculum and coursework.

How does a student apply to VLACS?

If you would like to apply to be a full-time VLACS student, please review the information on our full-time students admissions page. If you would like additional information you are welcome to attend one of our open house sessions or to contact our office by email ( or phone (603-778-2500).

If you would like to be a part-time VLACS student, there is no application process. You can enroll today. See our Enrollment page to learn more.


Who approved VLACS?

The charter for the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School was unanimously approved by the New Hampshire State Board of Education on May 9, 2007. Advanced Placement courses are audited and approved by the Collge Board on an annual basis. VLACS course courses have been approved by the NCAA.

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HelpDesk: VLACS has two types of HelpDesk available to students; Academic and Technical. Each of our HelpDesks are available via chat, voice and video through our software communication tool located in your course.

  • Technical HelpDesk – A technician is available to help you with any technical issue related to VLACS courses or software.
  • Academic HelpDesk – Certified instructors are available to help with your course-related questions when your “regular” instructor is not available.

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