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At VLACS, parents are an integral part of the learning process.

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Your involvement is key to your child’s success.

We encourage parents to be involved by accessing their child’s grade(s) and calling or emailing the instructor with a comment or concern. As a parent, you have 24/7 access to your child’s grade book, which the instructor updates regularly. Instructors are available on-line and by telephone by appointment and during their posted office hours.

Here are additional recommendations that can help make your child’s experience at VLACS successful:

  • Password Access: Know your student’s username and password. This provides access to the following: the course, your child’s grade book, instructor announcements, assignment feedback and more.
  • Study Space: Provide a quiet place where your child has access to the Internet, a telephone, and a printer.
  • Create a Schedule: Help your child decide upon and stick to a study schedule. Your child should plan at least five to eight hours per course, per week to complete VLACS courses.
  • Weekly Progress: Stay up to date with your child’s course and assignments and grades by accessing your guardian account weekly.
  • Monthly Progress Appointments: Schedule a time to speak with your child’s instructors once a month in the online classroom to discuss your child’s pace and progress, as well as address any issues or opportunities regarding your child’s online learning experience.
  • NH State Certified Instructors: An experienced New Hampshire state certified instructor is actively teaching your child. Your child is never expected to master the material alone. Also know that the curriculum was designed and is continually updated by skilled educators.
  • Tech support: If you need help with course-related technical issues, click here.

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