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9 Free Online Resources for Middle and High School Math Success

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Flashcards. Worksheets. Apps. Math games.

No matter how you slice it, finding the right combination of supplemental online math resources that work for you is tough. Why? Because everyone is different. What works for one student doesn’t necessarily work for another. One size doesn’t fit all.

Some students prefer video lessons, while others need a more hands-on approach with games and online flashcards. Whatever your needs, we’re confident that at least one of these resources will give you the extra push that you need to succeed in math.

Why 9? It’s a perfect cube!

1. Khan Academy

If you’ve ever sat in a math class or followed an online lesson and you might as well be studying another language, give Khan Academy a whirl. Not only can you get some help, but you can also earn credit. Khan Academy offers free, online courses in nearly every common school subject, including K-12 math.

Each lesson offers an explanation, examples, and the opportunity for you to practice. The beauty of it? You can watch the lesson as many times as you need or pause in the middle to rewind so you can listen to and watch the lesson again. You can’t rewind your teacher, can you?

2. Purple Math

This site offers comprehensive, free lessons in pre-Algebra, Algebra I, geometry, and Algebra 2, in addition to middle school math and college algebra. The site also has a library of standardized test preparation lessons for struggling students. All lessons are organized by subject and topic and offer a video lesson, practice, and printable notes.

3. NRICH Maths

A site from the UK’s University of Cambridge, NRICH Maths offers free online math resources for primary and secondary students. They offer topics in numbers, algebra, geometry, and data as well as practice problem sets and games with step-by-step instructions.

4. YouTube Teachers

YouTube Teachers offers over 700,000 videos, which focus on mathematics and other subjects, too. Elementary students can review numbers, cardinality and counting, surface area and perimeter, and geometry and quadrant graphing. Videos for middle school students include geometry, variables, expressions, linear inequalities and equations, while high school students can learn from clips on algebra, polynomial functions, and creating equations, among others.

5. Patrick JMT YouTube Channel

One of the most popular educational channels on YouTube with over 150,000 subscribers and nearly 60 million views, this YouTube channel is worth a look. Patrick JMT is a community college math professor who shares his knowledge of math so that students can improve their math grades. He has multiple playlists, including lessons on trigonometric functions, derivatives, optimization problems, integrals and anti-derivatives, linear equations, linear inequalities, exponents, polynomials, quadratic equations, quadratic inequalities, rational inequalities, logarithms, and functions.

6. Video Math Tutor YouTube Channel

With over 52,000 subscribers, this channel offers a great, comprehensive series of math tutorials on basic math. Topics include inequalities and equalities, operations and properties of numbers, multiples and factors. Its algebra channel boasts geometry formulas, and linear equations and inequalities.The channel also features video flash cards, calculator tips, practice problems, brain teasers, and cute clips.

7. Math42

This app offers a 30-day free trial for students looking for some help solving equations.

This app has two functions: to help students solve equations and to practice built-in problems. Topics include computing with numbers, combining sums, products, simplifying powers, simplifying roots, computing with fractions, factoring, solving equations, computing derivations, and computing integrals.

8. Get The Math

For students struggling with Algebra, this app is worth a shot. Students interact with fascinating video clips of professionals using math for their jobs–and then they try a series of similar mathematical challenges. WIth topics like math in fashion, sports, music, and video games, this app is helpful and fun.

9. Geogebra

This free, open-source software can be an exceptionally useful tool for students looking to play with geometric and algebraic concepts. Students can create mathematical constructions and models by dragging objects and adjusting parameters to explore algebra and geometry. It functions both as a simulator and a graphing calculator. Geogebra covers most high school Common Core math expectations, especially related to graphing and geometry.





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