High School

Micro-Internship 5

.25 Credits
4-6 weeks
Digital Badge

The Micro-Internship 5 offering extends your learning into the real world and allows you to learn from a professional of your choice either in person or virtually. You will perform research on a particular career field, including the various pathways into a specific career, and use your connection with your chosen professional to determine an authentic product or deliverable to demonstrate your understanding of the Micro-Internship 5 competencies.

You should either have already secured a professional or have some ideas regarding a professional you will be working with prior to starting.

Students will earn .25 credit upon completion of this customized learning opportunity.

During this course, you will learn career-related skills and earn a badge for this accomplishment. A badge is a digital certification of your career-related learning that you can share on social media or with higher education platforms, colleges, potential employers, peers, and colleagues. Select this link to learn more about badges.


Career Preparation for Micro-Internship 5

Students will demonstrate an understanding of career preparation for Micro-Internship 5 by explaining the required responsibilities and training for the career addressed.

Career Tasks in Micro-Internship 5

Students will demonstrate an understanding of career tasks in Micro-Internship 5 by completing the micro-internship and the required deliverable(s).

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