Enrichment Experience Outdoor Exploration Grade 3-5

0.125 Credits
6 Weeks
Digital Badge

Do you like to get outside and investigate the dynamic NH outdoors? Each week we’ll meet to learn about life outdoors. Activities include building your own lean-to, tracking animals, and more! Between sessions, you’ll be able to get outside so that you can explore your surroundings. Together, we will learn about and share our outdoor experiences. All you will need is a hardy NH can-do mindset and a desire to spend time outside.

This enrichment experience will meet weekly on Mondays at 12:30pm. The session will run for six weeks starting the week of October 9th.

During this course, you will learn career-related skills and earn a badge for this accomplishment. A badge is a digital certification of your career-related learning that you can share on social media and higher education platforms, or with colleges, potential employers, peers, and colleagues. Select this link to learn more about badges.


Outdoor Exploration

Students will demonstrate an understanding of New Hampshire’s outdoors by investigating outdoor preparedness skills, exploring outdoor environments, and identifying area plants and wildlife.

Major Topics and Concepts

Week 1, Get Outdoors!  We will learn about places in nature and how to get the most out of spending time outdoors.

Week 2, Dens & Shelters:  We will learn about animals that have dens and discuss the importance of shelter outdoors.  You will get outside to create a shelter of your own!

Week 3, Map & Compass: We will learn about basic maps and cardinal directions found on a compass.  You will be getting outside to create your own map of a favorite place.

Week 4, Hazards!  We will learn about potential hazards and outside.  You will be getting outside to identify hazards.

Week 5, Animal Tracking: We will learn about identifying animal tracks and you will spend time outside looking for animal tracks.

Week 6, Guest Speaker: We will meet a guest speaker to learn about a special outdoor topic and careers in the outdoors.

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