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Enrichment Experience Mandala (Grades 9-12)

0.125 Credits
6 Weeks
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If you like art – or if you just need to relax – mandala might be for you! Mandala is an abstract artform that’s been around for centuries. Not only does learning mandala create a beautiful piece of art, but it’s also a form of meditation. In this session, we’ll share our love of art, learn about the elements of art, and use a step-by-step approach to creating mandalas.

This enrichment experience will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 3:00 pm. The session will run for six weeks starting the week of October 9th.

Instructor will contact each enrolled student with more information, and a list of any required materials.

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Elements of Art

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the elements of art by applying them to an original piece of art.

Major Topics and Concepts

Line, Shapes & Patterns


Mandala Techniques

Mandala Progress

Elements of Art: Mandala

Student Showcase Reflection

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