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VLACS would like to congratulate the Class of 2016! Their hard work and dedication has truly paid off. They are on their way to furthering their education or entering the workforce to ultimately make a difference in the world.

This year marked our seventh and largest graduation, which awarded 67 VLACS students their high school diplomas. The official commencement ceremony took place June 10th in Concord, New Hampshire. As an online school, the graduation offered students the chance to celebrate with the guidance counselors, teachers, and classmates that they have worked closely with during their time at VLACS.

Students Stephen Baird and Katharine Storo, both New Hampshire Scholars, presented speeches that reflected on their time at VLACS, and shared how their non-traditional education prepared them for the future.

“With my VLACS style education, I was truly blessed to help care for my grandfather during his final years of life. It is that rare privilege which has inspired me to pursue a career in the health care field with the hope of being the best hospice nurse that I can be.”

– Stephen Baird

“The great thing about VLACS—for me at least—was how empowering it was… VLACS has given me the confidence to know that if I work really hard, I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

– Katharine Storo

Congratulations to the Class of 2016-01

The 2016 high school graduates have been accepted to many prestigious colleges across the country, including:

  • University of California, Santa Cruz
  • University of Maine
  • University of New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island College
  • New Hampshire Technical Institute
  • Villanova University
  • University of Arizona
  • Utica College
  • The Culinary Institute of America
  • University of Minnesota
  • Temple University

Congratulations to the Class of 2016-02

Many students also received scholarships and awards including:

  • Gymnastics Scholarship
  • The Cliff Telford Memorial Scholarship
  • President’s Scholarship
  • Honors Scholarships
  • The Wildcat Award
  • UNHM Success Grant
  • Plymouth State University President’s Scholarship

Congratulations to the Class of 2016-03

Congratulations to the 2016 graduates. The entire VLACS staff is so excited to see what you accomplish in the future and we wish you the best of luck on your journey!

VLACS Class of 2016

DeMarco Alvarez-Leonardo
Amy Arrigo
Rachel Ayotte
Stephen Baird*
Parker Bolt
Chantal Boucher
Timothy Bowler
Mikayla Brace
Hanna Burnett
Cameron Burns
Sydney Carney
Isabelle Collins*
Chandler Constant
Ethan Cote
Noah Cowan
Dawson Curry
Debora Decareau
Dana DeMore
Morgan Doherty
Benjamin Duncklee
Allison Dyke*
Brittany Edwards
Lillian Fay
Travis Ford
Claudia Fordin
Samuel Foucher
Aaron Frank
Sierra Gardner*
Natasha Gauvin
Emeline Hipke
Shannon Huff
Vanessa Hunt
Skyla Jacobs
Halli Jenkins
Maxwell Jenson
Amber Keiling
Cleo LaBranche
Anna Lavalla
Michael Lucci
Aya Mahgoub
Audrey Malek
Celine Martin
Brandie Martinez
Tyler McCormack
Calvin McPheters
Cary Mengle-Davis
Damian Moore*
Robin Morehouse
Sara Munroe
Keven Nawrocki
Madison Reynolds
Kyle Roby
Alexander Rose
Jennifer Rose
Ryan Rubio-Sprague
Pudt Singhsri*
Rachel Smart
Amber Stevens
Katharine Storo*
Kirsten Sweetman*
Sarah Tasker
Autumn Tierney*
Ian Treadwell
Mayleen Walteros
Austin Wolfert*
Natalie Young
Elizabeth Zanes

*Denotes NH Scholar

Scott Prescott Received NH Scholars Champion Award

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