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Estimated Completion Time

18 weeks


Theater, Cinema, and Film Production 1a: Introduction

Lights! Camera! Action! Theater and cinema are both forms of art that tell a story. Let’s explore the enchanting world of live theater and its fascinating relationship to the silver screen. Explore the different genres of both and how to develop the script for stage and film. Then dive into how to bring the script to life with acting and directing. If you have a passion for the art of film and stage, let’s bring your creativity to life!

Course Requirements

Meets Art Graduation Requirement

Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: The World of Theater
Describe the elements of theater
Explain the global history of theater and stage plays
Identify different historical purposes for plays
Discuss elements of theater theory and criticism

Unit 2: The World of Film
Outline the major technological events that shaped the history of film
Detail the rise of cinema around the world
Articulate the different purposes filmmakers consider when making movies
Discuss elements of film theory and criticism

Unit 3: Theater Genres
Detail the history of genres in theater
Define drama and explain the difference between drama and tragedy
Outline the history, elements, and types of comedy
Describe musical theater and discuss its different elements
Discuss the history and purpose of experimental theater

Unit 4: Film Genres
Describe the concept of drama in film
Identify the elements of comedy
Detail the different categories within the genre of adventure film
Articulate the otherworldly nature of fantasy film

Unit 5: Plotting the Script
Define the basic elements of stage or script writing
Identify some details required in creating a script
Detail the most common structure for play scripts
Articulate the components of a three-act script

Unit 6: Acting
Identify changes in performance style and opportunities throughout history
Explain the elements of several approaches to acting
Describe the differences between acting on stage and on screen
Summarize the steps in the acting process from auditioning to performing

Unit 7: Directing
Outline the history and evolution of stage and film directing
Describe the specific tasks and talents required of a stage director
Detail the specific tasks and talents required of a screen director
Identify issues regarding representation in stage and film direction

Unit 8: Love of Stage and Screen
Identify the process, purpose, and outcome of major film industry awards
Describe the process, purpose, and outcome of major theater industry awards
Discuss the goals, merit, and process of theater and film criticism
Detail the process and reasons for preserving and archiving film and theater

Credits .5


  • The World of Theater
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the world of theater by describing the elements of theater, explaining the history of theater, and summarizing theater schools of thought.
  • The World of Film
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the world of film by describing technological advancements in film, explaining the rise of cinema, and summarizing film schools of thought.
  • Theater Genres
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of theater genres by explaining the history of genres, explaining comedy in theater, and describing musical and experimental theater.
  • Film Genres
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of film genres by explaining drama in film, describing comedy in film, and summarizing other genres of film.
  • Script Writing
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of script writing by describing the elements of script writing, explaining details in film scripts, and explaining details in play scripts.
  • Acting
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of acting by describing performance styles, comparing elements of acting, and explaining the acting process.
  • Directing
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of directing by summarizing the history of directing, describing collaboration of directors, and summarizing representation in directing.
  • Stage & Screen
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of stage and screen by explaining the purpose of industry awards, describing industry critiques, and summarizing industry preservation.



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