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Perspectives in History – HIS100 (SNHU)

Perspectives in History – HIS100 (SNHU)

Credits 1


  • Questioning History
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of how personal assumptions, beliefs, and values affect historical interpretation by questioning and analyzing bias in secondary sources.
  • Investigating History
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of major developments in the progression of historical inquiry by analyzing the arguments made in works that examine and interpret historical events and eras.
  • Interpreting History
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of historiography by analyzing how historical interpretations change over time.
  • The Impact of History
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the value of understanding history by analyzing how the interpretation of the past impacts contemporary issues.


High School Sophomore



Estimated Completion Time

1 segement/16-18 weeks


More than just dates, names, and places, history is the study of the human condition. It seeks to understand human behavior through the thoughtful examination of different types of historical sources. The study of history is a living subject, always changing as new discoveries and interpretations are presented.

This course examines the process of investigating and writing about history through analysis of sources and the presentation of this analysis as an argument. Through this exploration of historical investigation, students will develop a holistic perspective on the contemporary relevance of history and their responsibility to participate and engage in such discourse.

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Major Topics and Concepts

  • Questioning History
  • Investigating History
  • Interpreting History
  • Making History

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